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No description

sile sa

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Friendship

Context in which the cartoon is presented
Detailed description
My interpretation
What is the message?
- Junior and Rowdy
- Happiness
- dressed up as supermen
- Rowdy looks more self confident
- flash
Junior feels lonely
Where is Rowdy?
The message is dedicated to Rowdy.
"I miss you"
"Do you forgive me?"
"Can we be friends again?" even if...
What do you think?
At the High School in Reardan, Arnold must learn to function without Rowdy's protection. He must learn to fight his own battles. Do you think Arnold is better up standing up for himself?
Cartoon on page 111.
The smiling shows how happy they used to be and his wish to have that again.
"Together we are strong" because of the flashes and the superman costumes
The "A" stands for Arnold which is the way they call him at Reardan.
Rowdy looks stronger because he used to protect Junior.

- Their friendship, how it used to be
- Joining their forces they are strong
Junior still cares about Rowdy and he wants him to know that.
Their friendship is not completely lost yet.
It's a nice gift.
Main theme:
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