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Google SEO Workshop 2013

Founder + CEO of Pro-Motions Marketing Inc. Phillip Alexeev explains the inner workings of the google search algorithm, and how to stay ahead of the curve when the Algorithm gets smarter.

Phillip Alexeev

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Google SEO Workshop 2013

SEO Workshop
2013 An Introduction To The Algorithm What Used To Work What Happened? Phillip Alexeev -Keyword Stuffing -Google Panda + Penguin Updates Call me: By Phillip Alexeev - All Search Engine Ranking Positions (SERPS) are determined by an algorithm. - Google has, by far, the most sophisticated and complicated Search Algorithm to date. -Spun Content Sites are judged on hundreds of criteria including domain age, content uniqueness, social signals, and most importantly the amount of links pointed to the site from other authority website in the niche.
These links are called back links, and we will be speaking about them a
bit later. -Automated Software -Spammy Footer Links -Millions of Spammy Backlinks -Disappearing Rankings -Lost Traffic Google Finally Caught those trying to Game its algorithm. Touché... A New Era -As Entrepreneurs, we are inclined to seek out the most popular trends and capitalize on them, the EXACT opposite of Google's search policy. -In Mid-2012, it became very clear that in order to start ranking, it was important to first forget SEO as a whole and focus on user experience. What Works Now - Having a Blog -Your Blog is the central hub of all of your online activity! -Teach your customers/clients how to fish. (Inbound Marketing) -Being Social -How are you not on Social Media? -Social media Channels are amazing for: Branding
Reputation Management, Customer Support, Engagement,
and a huge variety of other uses. -Use Social Media to share your content, connect with your customers, and build a community around your product/service. -Write Good Actionable content for your readers, not for search engines. -Photos, videos, case studies, and even Top 10 lists all make for great Blog Content. What Works Now (Contd.) -Having a clear CALL TO ACTION Traffic is nothing without Conversions. -Authorship (Through Google+) -Google gives a significant priority to
Content with Author Tags Attaching an author to content plays on the "
Human" Variable. ADD <a href="Your Google+ URL" Rel="Publisher">Your Name</a> To your about page, and blog content. Or Go To the Wordpress Plugin Repository and Download the Google Authorship Plugin. What Works Now (Contd.) -Good On-Site SEO -Use you main keyword in the Title tag, the H1 Header Tag, the H2 and H3 Header Tag, and the body content. -Find all the High search volume variations of your Keyword and include them in your content as well. These are called LSI, or sometimes Long-Tail Keywords. -Don't forget your Image "Alt" tags. - Site speed is very important. Delete ALL of those crazy animated widgets that don't help usability. -Download W3 Total Cache for Wordpress. Activating basic settings will help significantly -Clean URLs: "yoursite.com/contact" v.s. "yoursite.com/page?id=3" Guest Blogging -Find a popular Blog in your Business Niche and see what they're writing about, and what's getting the best response. -Find the Name of the Owner and their Email. -Build RELATIONSHIPS, not LINKS. -Write some good content that could easily be featured on that blog, and send them an email asking if they would be interested in featuring you on their blog. -Treat your outreach email like a first handshake. Online Relationships are just as personal as Offline ones. R.O.I. -As of January, my firm only provides ranking reports to our clients upon request. - Traffic/Rankings are NOTHING without conversions. -We now provide ROI Reports. -Focus on the Metrics that Matter Email Me: Visit My Site: 1(888) 966-0956 Phillip@Pro-Motions.org www.Pro-Motions.org Summary of Google SEO in 2013 1. Know The Algorithm 2. Don't Be Sketchy 3. Start a Blog 4. Get Social 5. Produce Good Content 6. Authorship, On-Site SEO and Site Speed 7. Relationships > Links 8. Make Yo' Momma Proud THEN, add your site here:
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