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Kera Nail

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Flamenco

Kera Nail Flamenco References The Gypsies The Flamenco El baile-The Dance Bedinghaus, Treva. “What is Flamenco Dance?” dance.about.com. About.com, 2012. Web. 11 November 2012.
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Andalucia is known for growing cereal and olive crops
brought in by the Romans

One of the longest occupied regions
Moorish Traditions The Gypsies 1499-King Ferdinand and Isabel exiled the Gypsies.
The gypsies were forced to abandon their wandering and settle in a region in which they were to be governed.
If the gypsies failed to leave they were persecuted.

The Gyspies then settled in Andalucia.

To survive the gyspies had to adapt to their surroundings. It was very hard to give up their ways of living. Luckily, one thing that they did not have to give up was their music. With the Moorish culture that was already in Andalucia, the Gypsies were able to weld their music in with theirs which began the basis for the Flamenco. Tripartite Art El cante (the song)

El baile (the dance)

La guitarra (the guitar) El cante-The Song Known for the poetic verses of the Gypsies

Songs have been passed down orally

The song is a story. It does not give a solution or ask for a call of action. The singer tells you what he wants to tell you.

Song contains Coplas: 3-5 lines
There is no set pattern as to how the song is sung and there is often no ending rhymes.

Fragmented and inconclusive

Emphasis is placed on the singers vocal ability to project the imagery of the song

Famous Singers: Silverio Franconetti Aguila
Francisco Ortega Vargas Silverio Franconetti Aguila Born in 1831

He was non-gyspy but grew up in an area where he was friends with many gyspies.

Became passionate about the Flamenco song after hearing Diego de Fillo singing. Francisco Ortega Vargas sweeping arm movements
percussive footwork
claps and shout also known as the Cante jondo The Dance The dancer can be either male or female.
Begins emotionless and motionless
As music picks up and the dancer begins to feel the music, hand clapping and foot stomping begins which leads to a passionate dance
Casanets or Fans are sometimes added for detail Costume Women Men Sara Pereyas Baras Cadiz, 1971 Family was involved with the Flamenco

"New Queen of Dance" Antonio Ruiz Fernandez born into a Flamenco dynasty in 1970

Son and Grandson of famous Flamenco Dancers

awarded first place in XIV Concusro Nacional de arte Flamenco de Cordoba and Teatro Pavon Cup La guitarra-The Guitar Flamenco Guitar vs. Classical Guitar Made of cypress wood
different sound
Golpeadores: plastic tagging plates
Push pegs vs. geared machine heads Provides the underlying rhythm for the Flamenco Paco de Lucia Carlos Montoya Born in Puerta Real, Cadiz in 1820

Sang in way to get through his daily routines

Performed at Triana to test his singing skills
Idolised guitarists.
known as Genius, Virtuoso, and even god.
carried the flamenco guitar into the 21st c.
Born in Algercircas, Cadiz in 1947
Born in Madrid in 1903
Family were gypsies
Turned Flamenco into a style
Composer and Guitarist
He seperated his guitar from the dance and the song
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