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Moon Over Manifest

No description

Haruna Yamamoto

on 27 May 2011

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Transcript of Moon Over Manifest

Theme Synopsis Setting Resoltion Climax Abilene Tucker Shady Howard Jinx Ned Gillen Hattie Mae Harper Sister Redempta Gideon Tucker Lettie and Ruthanne Miss Sadie Manifest, Kansas Abilene Tucker Miss Sadie Jinx Related to History About Clare Vanderpool Abilene's friends Goes to Sacred Heart of the Holy Redeemer Elementary School Lives in the Path of Perdition Father of Abilene Tucker Has an uncle, Finn Is friend with Ned Lost Ned in World War I Framed for a murder by Finn Lives with Shady in Manifest Friend of Jinx Adopted by Hadley Gillen Gideon's good old friend Bootlegger Protagonist and Antagonist Daughter of Gideon Tucker Lives with Shady for the summer 12 years old Goes to Sacred Heart of the Holy Redeemer Elementary School Immigrated from Hungary in 1918 Tells stories about Manifest's past to Abilene Character from Miss Sadie's story Character from Miss Sadie's story Jinx and Ned Abilene and Gideon Conflict Jinx Abilene Why did Gideon sent her? What was Gideon like as a child? Why was Manifest an important town for him? He was framed by Finn and always had to hide himself from sheriffs. Thought he always jinxed people. Learned about her father Gideon was afraid of losing someone. Manifest was full of caring people. Gideon lost his parents and lived with his uncle. He lost his closest friend in Manifest. Her scraped knee reminded Gildeon of his past. Passed down history to Abilene. People began recalling their past. People stopped calling her a witch. Grew up to be a man and a father. Came back to Manifest to find his daughter and live together. Manifest, Kansas based on Frontenac, Kansas The Bone Dry Bill of 1917 Immigrants Spanish Influenza Path of Perdition-Frontenac, Kansas Shady and Abilene in Path of Perdition Shady told the rest of Miss Sadie's story about Jinx and Gideon. Lives in Wichita, Kansas A diviner Moon Over Manifest Works on railroads in Iowa Writes Manifest Herald Newsreporter Pastor The teacher at Sacred Heart of the Holy Redeemer Elementary School A nun Saloon Owner Joined World War I and died 1936-Great Depression 1918-World War I Did not have a place to call a home. Miss Sadie People in Manifest thought she was a witch. Favorite Children Books Her Recent Favorite Books Born in 1965 BS in Elementary Education BA in English Married and has four children Influenced By:
Creative Writing
Reading books New Book?! Untitled
Setting in Kansas during World War II
Scheduled to be published: 2012 or 2013
About a boy who goes on quest to Appalachian Trail Her Favorite Newbery Winners Scott O' Dell Richard Peck Favorite Quote:
"It is not drawn in any map; true places never are."
from Moby Dick Favorite Era
1936 and 1918
1918-Heard from grandparents Favorite Characters
Abilene Tucker
Shady Howard Strong Connection to Her Writing Graduated Newman University, Kansas in 1987 Won John Newbery Award on January 10, 2011 Elizabeth George Speare Her Favorite Part of Moon Over Manifest Characters Interview About Moon Over Manifest Abilene Tucker is sent by her father to Manifest, Kansas. During her stay, she learns about the town and about her father from Miss Sadie. She begins to answer her questions of why her father had sent her there. Madeleine L'Engle Secrets revealed gives understanding and true meaning in life. Works Cited Page
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