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Italy Project


Andy He

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Italy Project

By Andy He Visiting the world of Italy About Italy If you’re looking forward to traveling somewhere this summer, look no further than magnificent Italy. It is home to over 46 million tourists a year, and the 5th most visited country in the world. A broad history, rich art, and culture; its beautiful coastline and beaches, its priceless monuments, and unique foods is why tourists visit Italy . Brief History Pre-History:
Rock drawings on peninsula
Claimed countries

Roman Empire:
Expanded territories/ flourished but ended after death of emperor Pizza
Latin word "pinsa" means "flat bread"
"Margherita", came from Queen
Pizza became 3 colors of flag
Many types of pizza/toppings:
Desert pizzas: Here it is ! Pasta: Rome Capital of Italy-largest city:
Pop. over 3 million
everywhere monuments, medieval churches, fountains
Located in the central-western part of Italy and very bustling/lively Venice Built on water/ Dream city
More tourists than residents
Water buses, gondolas
Main waterway: Grand Canal
Buildings material/built
Tourists mainly visit Venice for its beautiful cityscape, architecture, uniqueness, etc.
Will be an overwhelming experience! Italian Inventions Violin:
First invented by woman (16th century)
Later perfected by two men (17th

old instrument consisted of a body made from a gourd, two silk strings and a bow
played in the lap
Few violins Jacuzzi Invention was surprising to me; glad they did
Real Facts Now:
invented by Roy Jacuzzi/ Italian Immigrant in 1948
He specialized in water pumps The Espresso Machine 1903, coffee process quicker

Thought to be most famous invention

Italians LOVE drinking coffee: ~ 450 gallons
consists five villages full of beauty

Unique: connected by paths, trains, and boats

Northwestern coast

Towns sprout out of mountains Colosseum Famous Amphitheater in Roman world
Spectators and entrances
847, southern side of Colosseum

Over 500,000 and 1 m Leaning Tower of Pisa 177 years

The poor foundation: not purposeful

296 steps

Tower curved from attempts

Leans at 10 degree angle Overview As you read, you may have elevated knowledge or indulged interest to visit Italy. You'll get to experience a whole different culture! If you ever do get to visit the "boot" shaped country, it will definitely be a very memorable time of your life! Manarola
Brought back by Marco Polo, from his journeys in China

Dried pasta: superior holding, excellent feel

Fresh Pasta: often eaten in summer, popular homemade. Middle Ages:
Series of invasions
Cities to flourish again

Difference between regions
Era gave inspiration
Tuscan Dialect Bibliography A breif history of Italy (n.d.) retrieved from: www.italianlegacy.com

Popular inventions from Italy Pandiath S. (n.d.)

Ten cities for visitors in Italy Bakerjian, M. (2013) goitaly.about.com

Venice.(2013,Feb.) Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Venetian Boat Song: Felix Mendelssohn 50% Sources The History of Pizza- Justin Demetri
(n.d.) www.lifeinitaly.com

Book: Behnke, A. (2003) Minneapolis Top Ten attractions of Italy Touropia (2010) www.touropia.com

Google images
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