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How to make a Prezi By Ben

Prezi Help

Jann Geyer

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of How to make a Prezi By Ben

By Ben How to Make a Prezi First you choose a template. The one in this Prezi is Across The Universe Then if you click anywhere you can type words that will show up. And you can also make shapes , lines, frames, and draw . To insert pictures and to draw shapes you get them from the tool bar at the top. You can also insert pictures, graphs. To choose a picture you go to image. You type in what you want the picture to be and images show up. To draw a shape, click on a shape you want and then click and drag to change the size. You can also change the color by clicking on it once. Like this. You can use different colors. And change the size one three two To move things like pictures, shapes, or sentences, click once on it and then drag by clicking and holding the hand sign. If you click on "Template" you can change the style of the Prezi. To move your point of view click anywhere that is not and image or anything else and then drag the mouse to move. To zoom in or out you move the roller on the mouse or click on the + and - magnifying glasses. This is the roller. To take pictures for your Prezi to make it into a presentation, click on Path. When you do that on the side column you can add your current view to your presentation. To view your presentation in the top right corner and click on show. From there you can watch your Prezi. This is where you click to add a view to your Prezi presentation. To exit and save your Prezi click on the image in the top left corner. If you do it should save itself and quit. The image looks like this. If you happen on accident to delete work that you didn't mean to you just click on the image that looks like this. Then you can just change it like anything else in Prezi. After that you just pick a format and then it should put itself into the format that you choose in order. In order to get your presentation on your Prezi you need for it to be on the desktop. You just download it onto your Prezi by following how they say to do it after you click on Power Point. Insert Prezi You can put in Microsoft power points into your Prezi. You can insert Youtube videos but whenever I do it fails. There are a lot more things you can do in Prezi than I have showed you I haven't even done everything you can. Undo
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