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No description

Leslie Morales

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of HUSKIES

They eat quality dog food, fresh water, steak, chicken and other stuff that all dogs can eat. If you have a Huskie try to keep your husky on a regular diet.
Where do they live?
Siberian huskies live all over the world. They originally came from areas that had a lot of snow and had cold temperatures. They are very adaptable to being outside in cold weather.
Who are their predators?
There are no known natural predators of the Siberian Husky, but there are many hunters that kill the Siberian husky for their wonderful coat.
How they protect their babies?
Huskies protect their babies by looking at them every time. Huskies will care for them, by loving them, playing with them , bathing and feeding them. When they open their eyes that's when they stop protecting them.
HARD TO TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Siberian huskies are dogs that are not for the average dog owner,since they are very stubborn and hard to train and control. They shed alot of fur twice each year and need lots of exercise

By: Leslie and Ashley
Any Questions Or Comments?
pictures of huskies
books-sled dogs

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