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Cailah Hernandez

Jaci Howard

on 23 March 2015

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Transcript of Glazier's

Making stained glass dates back to at least 5,000 years.
Glaziers are among the richest of the craftsmen.
A glazier could afford to live in his private house.
A glazier is a job for men.
Their skills were required by the church and the lords.
Other Info
What Do We Do?
What is a Glazier?
Glaziers are tradesmen who sell,trade,and make stained glass.
We travel around the world to sketch cathedral sites and their windows.
Glaziers also paint glass.
Unlike other merchants,glaziers would travel in studios.
Sometimes more than one studio would take part in a site.
Glaziers would travel to sketch a model of a cathedral building site.
A red hot iron was used to cut the shape.
Glaziers would then paint the glass.
Glass is very expensive
and rare.
It is only made in
small quantities.
It is made with
sand and potash.
As a glazier, you must be ready to get your hands dirty
and be up for everything.To make a window is very hard, but anyway, is a perfect job for me.
Thanks for watching!!

(Potash is wood and ash mixed together.)
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