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Rosie Mckitrick

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

To Kill a Mockingbird Chapters 15-17 What does Atticus spend much of his time asking Mr. Tate? How does Mr. Ewell act when he first takes the stand, and how does Judge Taylor react to him? Why does Atticus want Mr. Ewell to write his name? The concept of protection plays a major role in Ch, 15, as several characters are involved in the act of defending or safegaurding one anothor. Who protects whom, and how do they do it? According to Scout, Atticus does "something that interest[s]" her and Jem. What is it? What other surprising things does he do, and why does it suggest to Jem that something is wrong? The reason for the men's arrival at the jail is not directly stated. Taking into account what they say and their behavior, why have they come to the jail? What are the men talking about as the children listen from the window? What can the reader infer from the conversation? What surprising fact does Atticus reveal about Mr. Underwood at the breakfast table? What previously mentioned theme is emphasized by this information How does Scout describe the Maycomb county courthouse? According to her, what do the Greek revival columns and the old clock tower suggest about the people of Maycomb? What is the mood in the courthouse square on the first day of the trial? What, if anything, do you find disturbing about it? Atticus announces that Mr. Underwood is a racist. "He despises Negroes, wont have one near him."
emphasizes theme of protection
Mr. Underwood was aware of the brawl that may happen below his window involving a pummeling of Tom Robinson.
Atticus was sitting outside Toms cell when the men arrived.
Although Mr. Underwood would have had no objections to the mob beating up Mr. Robinson Atticus would have been involved and possibly hurt.
His instinct to protect his friend was stronger than the hatred he has for colored people Excitement
A giant joyous picnic is taking place with food, soda pop and biscuits.
Scout describes it as a "gala occasion" when they enter the town.
Everybody seems giddy and are eager for the trial to begin.
This is disturbing because people are acting like there a carnival or circus has come to town when in fact a very serious trial determining a mans freedom or possibly his and his families life. Scout describes the Maycomb county courthouse slightly reminiscent of Arlington.
Scout judges that the Greek revivel columns clash with the modern 19th century clock tower.
An indicator that the people of Maycomb are nostalgic of the past The men in the Finch's yard are talking about the upcoming court date, Monday, and how to keep Tom safe from Maycomb's racist citizens until then. From their conversation, the reader can infer that much of the town is outraged at Tom's "actions" against Mayelle Ewell. Atticus and others are concerned that on Monday there will be trouble in the streets, either it be mobs, lynchings or just chaos. Mr. Heck Tate is feeling uneasy about all of the possible scenarios. Atticus, who regularly walks everywhere in Maycomb for exercise, takes the car to go "out for a while" and leaves explaining he'll be home later that night. Jem, Scout and Dill being curious, stealthily follow Atticus and discover him reading in his office. Shortly after, many vehicles appear and men hop out of them in twos, and they approach Atticus discussing the protection of Tom and Mr. Tate's whereabouts. Later, Jem thinks there is something wrong because he is frightened, and worried Atticus is in danger. Many men meet at the jail and talk with Atticus. Scout hears the conversation, and with critical thinking, we can discover what they're talking about. They have come to the jail to discuss Tom Robinson. The men tell Atticus of a snipe hunt involving Mr. Tate, and ask Atticus to step aside and let them at Tom Robinson, who is sleeping soundly in Atticus's office. What they would do with Tom is unknown, but from their behavior we can assume it is not pleasant. In anticipation of the motive of the mob Atticus sits in waiting outside of Tom Robinson's cell. The men try and get Atticus to move away from the door. Atticus was protecting Tom from an awful beating possibly leading to death while all the time Mr. Underwood was watching from above with a loaded shotgun daring the men to harm Atticus. Aside from the case, many different characters protected others. Jem & Scout protected Atticus twice from the men who wanted to get at Tom Robinson, and Atticus protects Culpurnia from Alexandra, who says she is no longer needed. - Atticus asks if Mr. Tate called a doctor

- then why he chose not to call a doctor? wouldn't that be considered protocol in this situation?

-and finally he asked him to please identify what kind of injuries the victim had sustained. -Mr. Ewell was sarcastic, stubborn and arrogant on the witness stand.

-Judge Taylor was not impressed he had proper uptight tone and wanted to continue with business.

-Mr. Ewells became increasingly argumentative, and eventually Judge Taylor became cross and authoritative. - to help Atticus determine whether or not Mr. Ewell was left handed

- this information was needed because the victim was most likely attacked by a left handed person

- this provded more evidence for Atticus to work with. "Judge Taylor was on the bench looking like a sleepy old shark-"
(167) " The inhabitants of the office were creatures of their environment, little gray-faced men, untouched by wind or sun." (165) -imagery
-shows scout's perspective
-relate to it
- captures attention -imagery
-sense of understanding her reality
-engrossing want to learn more
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