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Rhetorical Shift

No description

Pieryn Sinwiroon

on 28 September 2012

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Transcript of Rhetorical Shift

Rhetorical Shift A change or movement in a piece from one point or idea to another Definition: Conjunctions like "but," "however," and "although." Conjunctions are used to show rhetorical shift. Betty appears to be very nice and sweet to strangers, but she is very evil and mean to her family and friends. Example 1 The weather outside was very nice, however Jennifer was feeling very depressed. Example 2 Authors use this strategy to change to a different style and then go back to the original style to try to prove a point. Why do Authors use this Strategy? Sometimes authors create a rhetorical shift by having a character or the narrator explain a point in an essay style. (Even Obama uses this strategy)
:O (rhetorical shifts aren't that random though! They would still be on topic.)
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