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Eden Williams

on 11 October 2012

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Transcript of SRP

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli Albion Park SRP-A Study in Ecology Fireweed is a plant that grows in many different places including my ecosystem. It likes to grow in mainly pasture areas in NSW. If cattle eat fireweed they can end up getting brain damage and then dying. Fireweed? But it is not the plant that I chose to look at.... Instead I chose to do lantana. This plant likes to grow in any tropical to subtropical temperature. So NSW is perfect for it. Lantana comes from Central and South America, it first came to Australia as a small decorative plant. They got it completely wrong! Lantana escaped the pots it was put in and took over the whole garden. The owners couldn't care less, this plant didn't need pruning and bugs weren't going to hurt it. The history of Lantana! That is how lantana got out of hand and now we, (in the future) are stuck with it. We should do something about this problem before it gets absolutely out of hand. I found a disease in the water near the lantana. It made the water look rusty. But I wasn't sure whether it was caused by the lantana itself. What I found! My In-Depth Study For my in-depth study I decided to choose a plant. This plant was to be a very popular plant in my eco-system and also in other places. I had quite a few choices for it. And also the lantana was starting to be taken over by another weed.....moth vine. The moth vine was covering the lantana. The lantana in my area has been sprayed and also burnt out but it continually grows back. It is a very tough plant. It doesn't help that the council comes every 2 years or so, the lantana doesn't have regular spraying. In my spot there are many different types of weeds. I couldn't find the name for all of them,but I do know that 1 very popular weed is Moth Vine. It looked to me that it was 'taking over' the lantana. Other Plants in my area. If they eat lantana they will get: depression, :(
frequent urination and then a slow and painful death due to internal paralysis and other things like that. Cattle Problems Pretty much all of the plants in my area are poisonous. The animals that are affected the most by the poisons are... Cattle! If they eat fireweed they will get liver damage from the pyrrolizidine alkaloids that are toxic for them. There is also a plant called crofton weed which I have seen in many different places. It has white flowers and you have probably seen it somewhere if is not in your area. Thank you for listening to a little bit about my in-depth study and some of the plants in my area.
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