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English Culminating Activity #3

No description

Justin Samuel

on 23 January 2017

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Transcript of English Culminating Activity #3

The Comparing of Conflicts
in the Stories of:
Romeo and Juliet
and the
Chronicles of Narnia

Why Talk About These Specific Conflicts?

1. Its importance to the plot of the story as a whole

2. The underlying factors in the meaning of the conflicts

3. Reasoning as to why the events occurred in the first place
What Are the Conflicts Being Discussed?

1. Aslan and The White Witch vs. Romeo and Tybalt

2. Aslan and Edmund vs. Romeo and Juliet

3. Aslan and Lucy vs. Romeo and Mercutio

Aslan and Edmund vs. Romeo and Juliet
Aslan and The White Witch vs. Romeo and Tybalt
What Can We Learn + Quiz Questions
What was the one contrast that was similar in all three scenarios?

Who were the two names very clearly specified as the main characters of their tales?
Aslan and Lucy vs. Romeo and Mercutio
By: Justin Samuel
both pairs have no alliance and never will with each other until the story plays out

conflict results in death

having good alliances on their sides while conflict occurs

having been enemies for a while

one pair is "family" and the other pair has no relation

both have very contrasting reasons for their conflicts

one conflict is based on keeping peace and the other is based around love
conflicts resulted in love for one another

unity became a key factor in the relationship between each other

common understanding
one conflict is based on keeping peace and one is based on love

one pair battles for protection and the other for unity
conflicts bring them closer together

when death arises, a fire burns within

love for a true friend leads to something special
one pair defeats their foes while the other pair is in unity with them

one conflct is for peace and the other love

for one pair there is a resurrection but the other death
We can learn that there are many types of similarities as well as differences between the two stories

Life lessons are essential in understanding the stories as a whole

Always remember the two main words: Love, Peace
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