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Full Sail University

No description

rosario hernandez

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of Full Sail University

Full Sail University
School Information
Lecture classes have no more than 120 students.

Lab settings will have 9-24 students.

Full Sail is comprised of students from more than 49 countries.
Famous Graduates/Instructors
Darren Bousman:
Screen writer and director of "Saw II-IV"
Admission Requirements
Need :

Application for admissions

Application fee: $75

Standard high school diploma or G.E.D .
School Contact Information

3300 University Boulevard Winter Park, Florida 32792

Phone number:


School Information
Trade school


Mascot: DC-3 Airplane

Rosario Hernandez


Full Sail University

Dave Arneson:
Co-creator of "Dungeons and Dragons"
Financial Information
The Full Sail Degree Program covers all expenses (textbooks, manuals, media, production materials, etc.)

The Project Lunchbox program provides a laptop computer and media creation software.
Financial Information
Average semester cost: 12,117

Semesters needed: 3.25

Per credit hour: $532

Total credit hours: 74
Financial Information
The Creative Minds Scholarship is for seniors who are talented in their written and visual communication.

The Federal Work Study Program is a form of financial aid.
Campus Environment
Clubs, leagues, and associations are common in Full Sail.

Some Include: Game Production Club, Creative Student Networking Group, Do It Yourself Club, etc.
Admission Information
Degree programs begin each month

It is a good idea to apply three months prior to the start date
Degree Requirements
Type of Degree: Graphic Design
Will know the techniques in art and color theory, corporate branding, logos and symbols, and typography.
You'll create a portfolio based on the graphic design principles.
Careers for graphic design include: Digital Publisher, Photographer, and Web Designer.

Advanced options for graphic design include: Digital Art and Design, Computer Animation, and
Game Art.
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