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Movieman: the superhero

No description

Roch Michel

on 26 April 2016

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Transcript of Movieman: the superhero


Be A Man
feature film - psychological drama - bilingual
Partagé entre un univers construit, onirique, où le cinéma et ses codes sont omniprésents et une réalité froide, chagrine et souvent ennuyeuse, Mark cherche à assouvir ses ambitions artistiques. Butant tour à tour aux problèmes financiers, au caractère hermétique de l’industrie, aux désillusions du post-bac, le jeune cinéaste en vient à développer tout à la fois un complexe d’infériorité vis-à-vis de ceux et celles placés dans le métier et une résignation paresseuse. Jusque là en phase avec sa génération, Mark, autrefois confiant, se laisse entrainer dans une obsession naïve, exacerbée par une estime personnelle finalement brisée, qui a pour objet un jeune réalisateur québécois qui a su court-circuiter l’engrenage généralement admis.
Be A Man takes a provocative look at suicide
prevention by exploring masculine identity.
Personal heartfelt stories and philosophical
metaphors interweave in this rich and layered
film that looks at providing a new perspective
to depression and suicidal tendencies.
feature documentary - bilingual
webserie - sex comedy - bilingual
A modern dramedy following the lives of two, late 20’s entrepreneurs in Montreal, Cam and Seb are best friends trying to advance their careers whilestill participating in the activity that makes them most happy: dating. Daters is the term for the lifestyle they lead, a polyamourous approach with a focus on meeting
new people, networking, and overall, enjoying oneself with strangers. As it tells the tale of these two men, it focuses on the differences in their character; Cam, an overtly rational man that’s straight, often clashes with Seb, an emotionally subtle man that’s gay, and highlights the normality, as well as abnormality, that
their interfering mindsets create. Acting not only as a showcase of Montreal, but delving into the intermingling French/English culture that makes this city unlike any other in the world, it’s a humourous definition of the often serious attitude that is rampant in most urban sprawls. Daters is a critique on modern human interaction, as well as an exploration in social dynamics and conversation.
2009 -Experimental Short - Won Best Experimental Film MHSOC
lacoste videos
2010 - Short Narrative
coming soon
2012 - Short Experimental film
created by
Roch Michel
by Erik Cyr
Experience - Freelancer
Tale-Tell Heart
mobile 514.527.1579

Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema
Concordia University
Bachelor Film Production (with honors) 2007-10
Minor Liberal Arts College

Major Film Studies 2005-07
Filmmaker, Creative Producer
mobile 514.527.1579
Experience -
Film Festival/Special projects
after splicing and
taping together some
close-ups, I noticed
the film stock was
sticking to my
fingers. But when I
tried to brush it off,
it just stuck to my other
hand. And then my arms.
I don't know how it
happened, but the
film stock seemed
to surround
me completely.

It became a part of me
and faster than a jump
cut, I became MovieMan!
More Coming soon
in a theater near you.
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