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11,000 Years Lost

No description

Adreanna Quiring

on 1 May 2013

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Transcript of 11,000 Years Lost

11, 000 Years Lost Time Line of Events The moment when Esther passes through the two trees that had made a portal into the past. Esther meets the hunter-gatherer group, being introduced and slowly learning the language. The group realizes that Esther has wazicat (magic, power, luck) and asks Esther to give them wazicat each morning. The men catch and kill a mammoth for the group, an occurrence that has been getting rarer. Esther teaches the group the Heimlich maneuver after Tekinit, her foster sister, choked on a snake bone. Esther loses her chance to go back home when she warns the group of a dead mammoth, figuring the group would not find it. The portal then closes and she can’t go back home. Esther’s foster mother, Silika, has her baby and names him Kiraka. The group makes it to the yearly gathering at the Valley, where groups from the highlands and the lowlands meet. Geshwaw, Esther’s foster mother’s sister, dies. The group mourns by cutting their skin open and letting the blood flow to let the sadness out. Esther completes the dream-walking ceremony to see if it’s possible to return to her own time. The camps are destroyed by a group of rampaging mammoths, forcing everyone to leave the Valley early. Nudawah, the current elder woman, makes a decision to leave the group because she dislikes Esther and thinks she’s bad for the group’s survival. Ehdanwah is the new elder woman. The large storm, The Northerner, blows in and causes sickness to worsen. Tekinit died in the storm from illness. Esther passes through time again, going through the gateway into her own time. "A fascinating Time-Journey!" Author Bibliography Peni R Griffin was born in an Air Force base in Harlingen, Texas, and claims to be an ‘Air Force Brat.’ She’s married to Michael D. Griffin and lives in San Antonio, in a 90 year-old house (About Peni R Griffin). She spent her childhood reading books while on long car trips, as she moved from Texas to Alaska to Iowa to Maryland and finally back to Texas (Peni R. Griffin Author). She also survived the great Anchorage earthquake while living in Alaska (About Peni R Griffin). She attended two universities while in San Antonio, Trinity University and University of Texas, both of which she never graduated from. She has been writing professionally since 1986, and her first book was published in 1990. With a total of 12 books with major publishers and many short publishers, people are begging to recognize her name, although she’s not quite famous yet. "The only thing I ever wanted to be was a famous author, emphasis on the 'author' part. If I were in a hurry to be famous, I wouldn't be writing books for children and teenagers, the most under-rated, demanding, rewarding audience in America. Still, if I keep plodding along and doing my best, people will start to recognize my name. A few people already do. (Peni R. Griffin Author)." Works Cited About Peni R Griffin. Penguingroup. Penguin Group USA, 2012. Web. 28 Nov 2012.

Peni R. Griffin Author. Author Illustrator Source. Author Illustrator Source, 12 May 2004. Web. 28 Nov 2012. Movie Adaption! Actors & Their Roles: Lindsay Lohan As Esther Miranda Leos As Ahrva Evelynn Gomez As Tekinit Naya Rivera As Emni Johnny Depp As Podan Angela Johnson As Silika Gerard Butler As Geshwaw Namitha Sona As Yahaywah Brad Pitt As Kitotul Shreya Saran As Shusskt Meryl Streep As Nudawah Alan Rickman As Uduban Maggie Smith As Ehdanwah Richard Harris As Jul "If the ceremony fails, I fail. It is in the power of anyone who takes part to spoil the ceremony. I am not afraid to help my friends. If an evil can be healed, let it be healed. If an evil can be revealed, let it be revealed." Check Point! Almost There! "The only thing I ever wanted to be was a famous author, emphasis on the 'author' part. If I were in a hurry to be famous, I wouldn't be writing books for children and teen-agers, the most under-rated, demanding, rewarding audience in America. Still, if I keep plodding along and doing my best, people will start to recognize my name. A few people already do." Greeting those who accept,

Survivors of the natural world,

Friends and family now connected,

Saved through the sky and her stars, Learning the dangers of sun and moon,

Her knowledge inferior to those surrounding,

Travels of mind and thoughts,

Creeping through to her core, The abhorred entrance to mind and body,

Unlocked through will and perseverance,

Followed her travels and clung to her heels,

The knowledge of beyond slowly encompassing, The twisted carcass of a hunt gone true,

The sinful berries of a forage merited,

Gone with the wind her ignorance,

Her strength and knowledge,

Earned through the scavenge of discovery. Spirits of evil clinging to generations,

Passing from son to son the weakness,

Failing hunters with missing prey,

The cracks and breaks of tools, Wazicat is but only a word,

To the bearer of good,

Carrying a torch alight with success,

Walking the path of peace, Lighting the fire to purge,

To dance with steps of wisdom,

Praying and purifying,

Be gone the evil spirit, To dream-walk with passion,

Sparring with the swords of the wicked,

An exuberant display of sparks,

The stars of a child beyond, An ancient Fire-Dance,

Desiccating the shadows,

Purifying the malevolent,

Bringing back the reputation of man. Roaring with the triumph of death,

Bitter winds with whirling sickness,

Soared with the shadows of pain,

Echoing the sounds of distress, The shadows arched between,

Connecting with passion,

Howling to the moon,

Gathered with a purpose, Hands of despair and agony,

Controlling the mind and body,

Wrenching out dark nightmares,

A fist held with weeping anguish, Clenched in agony,

Seeping from the crevices of remorse,

The blood of sadness slowly diluting,

Becoming only another droplet in time. Esther, the fading girl of dreams and stars,

Entrancing strangers with her strange tongue,

Becoming the star of their very essence,

Blessing those who wish good fortune, Blood of the mourners shed with sorrow,

Pain and grief mingling,

An ancient tradition to diffuse the madness,

Cuts and gashes bleeding with darkness, Peni R. Griffen
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