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Interviewing Tips

No description

Jasmyn Garcia

on 18 December 2014

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Transcript of Interviewing Tips

Interview Tips to Succeed
Making a Great First Impression
Body Language
Slumping, slouching, and fiddling with your hair or clothes would make you appear as nervous or disinterested in the job.
Dress for Success
Clothing: Either wear a skirted suit or a pants suit. Wear colors that are neutral like black, white, beige, or navy blue.

Shoes: Wear closed toe shoes (open toe shoes are unacceptable). Stick to the color black or white.

Makeup: Go natural. Don't wear makeup that's too distracting.


Take it seriously
Have confidence
Be Prepared
Act well behaved
Other Helpful Tips
- Be on time or 15 min. prior to the interview.
- Know the company and their information to be ahead and to ask any questions.
- Don't use any sarcastic humor and be cordial.
- Being silent is always a good thing, speak up and communicate with the interviewer.
- Dress appropriately suggesting you know what kind of work profession you're in.
Avoiding eye contact, crossing your arms across your chest, and glancing to the door frequently shows you are uncomfortable and unable to concentrate on what the interviewer is telling you.

Looking at your watch constantly
Talk a lot
Be Irresponsible
Accessories: Pick a scarf or a piece of jewelry. Small stud pearl earrings or small hoops in gold or silver. Keep bracelets and necklaces inconspicuous.

Show you are interested in the interview by leaning slightly forward and making complete eye contact with the interviewer.
Do not use obscene or any profanity language. Also no slang because that shows you have not required any professional skills for the job.
What to wear
Look happy and smile. Don't have a bad attitude going to your interview and bringing negative energy.
Show your interviewer you want this job by looking eager and listening intently. Don't distract yourself by fiddling with objects.
Avoid filler words such as "um" and "like". This is unacceptable and inappropriate for job interview.
Work Cited
Hair: Should be well groomed and keep the color basic Keep your hair out of your face as much as possible.
Perfume: Don't wear to much and spray it 15 times. Either spray 2-3 times or don't wear it at all (that's why you take a shower).
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