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Phenomenological Research Method Final

No description

mj de jesus

on 1 August 2011

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Transcript of Phenomenological Research Method Final

Phenomenological Research Method Lived Experience Qualitative Research "tell me a time when you experienced X" Open-ended interview Saturation Point FORMS: Essence ontology and epistemologies Language & Communication Bracketing Analyzing Describing The Experience of Using Decisional Support
Aids by Patients With Breast Cancer Phenomenological Study Sampling Technique Purporsive Sampling Women 30-75 minutes Recorded Series of
Questions Instrumentation Support System Organization Family Friends Data Analysis c o l i a z z i Significant
Ideas Meanings Essence Grouping Themes Unity of Meaning Validate Clusters of
Themes Indicators Exhaustive
Description Decision Support Aids Critical Analysis The Experience of Using Decisional Support Aids by Patients With Breast Cancer by Margaret D. Lacey, PhD, RN, AOCN 38-68 y/o Explore the Lived Exprience of Patients with Breast Cancer Prediagnosis Major
Themes Stressed Overwhelmed Opinion &
Advice Family
support Friends'
support initial decision unavailable Multidisciplinary Support lacking It's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years By Abraham Lincoln Consent Anonymity Edmund Husserl
(1859-1938) Martin Heidegger
(1889-1976) Interview
observation Varieties of
Study Transcendental Constitutive Naturalistic Constitutive Existential Generative historicist Genetic Hermeneutic Realistic Research II: Phenomenological
Research Method de Jesus, Michelle Jordanne D. RN Dr. Runvi Manguerra
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