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The Existance of Sasquatch and Yeti

No description

Carter Grizzard

on 20 March 2018

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Transcript of The Existance of Sasquatch and Yeti

This book by Carol Hand is about the history of Sasquatch, Yeti and the big names in Bigfoot research. the text includes info about what Sasquatch actually are. It also explains how to tell the difference between Sasquatch and the average bear. This book is very interesting given the fact that it is about something that may not even exist.
Two of the text features in this informational text include photographs and vocabulary. There are photographs that add visual support to the text and they have captions to go along with the photograph. There is also vocabulary because the book has sidebars and a glossary.
Authors Purpose
The author's purpose is to inform the reader about Sasquatch and Yeti, hence the title
The Existence of Sasquatch and Yeti
This is a photo of the first official siting of a "Sasquatch" in October of 1967 by Roger Patterson.

Text Structure
The text structure is generalization or principle because the author makes a general statement and supports it with ideas, photographs and vocabulary.
The Existence of Sasquatch and Yeti: Carol hand
Text Features
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