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The Kennedy's

No description

Claire Rocca

on 2 January 2013

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Transcript of The Kennedy's

Patrick Kennedy > Born in 1823
> Came to America from Ireland in 1849
> Married to Bridget Murphy
>Father of Patrick Joesph Kennedy
> On November 22, 1858 he died of cholera Patrick Joesph Kennedy > Born in 1857
> Married to Mary Augusta Hickey
> He was a legislator in the Massachusetts Senate
> Ran against John F. Fitzgerald for Mayor, but Fitzgerald won
>Father of Loretta, Margaret, and Joesph Patrick Kennedy
> Died in 1929 due to a heart attack There were no portraits or documents left behind, only his family Joesph Patrick Kennedy >Born in September 6, 1888
>Married to Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald
>Father of John Patrick Jr., John Fitzgerald, Rosemary,Kathleen, Eunice, Patricia, Robert, Jean Ann, and Edward Moore Kennedy
> A millionaire at age 30
> He was a bank president in his younger years, then he became a shipyard manager
> He continued to increase his fortune when he became interested in refinancing studios in Hollywood John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jean Ann Kennedy Joseph Patrick Kennedy Edward Moore Kennedy Rose Kennedy Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr. Robert Francis Kennedy Eunice Kennedy Patricia Kennedy Rosemary Kennedy Kathleen Kennedy Joesph Patrick Kennedy Jr. > Born July 25, 1915
> The oldest child in the Kennedy family, he had to be a good example for his brothers and sisters and he cared for them as if he were their father
> Studied at Harvard Law School but he left before graduation to join the U.S. Navy in World War II
> He was a naval pilot, but he died at the age of 29 in a bombing mission His father had high hopes for Joe Jr. as a politician, but after his death it was decided that his second son, Jack, would have to carry on the family name John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy > Born May 29, 1917
> Constantly tried to outshine his older brother Joe Jr. for attention from their father
> Throughout his life he was hospitalized because of a deadly problem with his back
> Studied at Harvard Law School and in 1940 he wrote a thesis that became published and was a best seller under the name "Why England Slept"
> He served in World War II on the ship PT 109, when a Japanese ship crashed into the PT 109 and broke it in half Jack then led the remaining men to a small island, he swam the entire 3 miles while carrying one of the injured men the entire way, he later won the Navy and Marine Corps Medal for his actions Rosemary Kennedy >Born September 13, 1918
> She was diagnosed with a mental disability at a young age
> Her parents kept her disability a secret from the public and sent her to the Sacred Heart Convent
> In 1941 the family had a prefrontal lobotomy procedure done on her to try to fix her condition, but it only made her condition worse and she would now function on a "childlike level"
> Out of embarrassment of their daughter the family sent her to St. Colleta's, a nursing convent in Wisconsin
> Rosemary died of natural causes on January 7, 2005 Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy > Born February 20, 1920
> She was a Red Cross recruit to help the wounded soldiers in World War II
> Married William John Robert Cavendish, the Marquess of Hartington
>There was trouble getting Kick and Cavendish married because their families were to different religions and neither one of the families would give in to having the ceremony in the opposite families church, but they were eventually married, although the only Kennedy that attended was Joe Jr. The Kennedys The Kennedys are one of Americas most well known families. Since Patrick Kennedy came to America from Ireland in the 1800's the family has grown in numbers and made their name known. I have read the book "The Kennedys an American Drama" and I have learned so much more about the unique family and the special people that are apart of it. Eunice Mary Kennedy Shriver > Born July 10, 1921
>Married Sargent Shriver
> Mother of Maria Owings, Timothy Perry, Mark Kennedy, Anthony Paul, and Robert Sargent Shriver the III
> Campaigned for her brother Jack in the 1960 election
> Died August 11, 2009 at the age of 88 Patricia Kennedy Lawford > Born May 6, 1924
> Married the British actor Peter Lawford
> Mother of Christopher Kennedy, Sydney Maleia Kennedy, Victoria Francis, and Robin Elizabeth Lawford
> 12 years later she and Lawford were divorced
> Died of pneumonia in 2006 at the age of 82 Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy > Born November 20, 1925
> Married to Ethel Skakel
> Father of Kathleen Hartington Kennedy, Joesph Partick Kennedy II, Robert Francis Kennedy Jr., David Anthony Kennedy, Mary Courtney Kennedy, Michael LeMoyne Kennedy, Mary Kerry Kennedy, Christopher George Kennedy, Matthew Maxwell Taylor Kennedy, Douglas Harriman Kennedy, and Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy
> Played a big role in getting Jack Kennedy to be president
> When Jack was elected president he offered Bobby the position of Attorney Generalship, but he did not accept the position because he wanted to do something on his own, but he eventually agreed after many strong arguments with the family
> Of all the family members Bobby had the most trouble getting over Jacks death and he wasn't sure what to do with himself after he was gone, he soon realized that he had to carry on the Kennedy Legacy Joe Jr., Joesph, and Jack Kennedy Jacqueline and Jack Kennedy Jack, Eunice, Rose, Joesph, Pat, Jean Ann, Bobby, and Teddy Kennedy after a game of Touch Football The Kennedy Brothers
Jack, Bobby, and Teddy The Kennedys The Kennedys Jean Ann Kennedy Smith > Born February 20, 1928
> Married to Stephen Edward Smith
> Mother of William Kennedy, Amanda Mary, Kym Maria, and Stephen Edward Smith Jr.
> She was the United States Ambassador to Ireland
> She is the only child of Joesph Patrick Kennedy that is still alive today Edward Moore "Teddy" Kennedy > Born February 22, 1932
> Married Virginia Joan Bennet
> Father of Kara Anne, Patrick Joesph, and Edward Moore Kennedy Jr.
> He helped both Jack and Bobby campaign for their elections
> He was a United States Senator from Massachusetts
> After both Jack and Bobby died Ted began to feel the pressure of the Kennedy Legacy and was under a great deal of stress Real Footage of John Fitzgerald Kennedy's Assassination Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald Kennedy > Born July 22, 1890
> Married to Joesph Patrick Kennedy
> Mother of Joesph Patrick Jr., John Fitzgerald, Rosemary, Kathleen, Eunice Mary, Patricia, Robert Francis, Jean Ann, and Edward Moore Kennedy
> She was very religious and raised her children as Catholics
> Supported her husband Joesph and all of her children in what they chose to do
> Died January 22, 1995, she was 104 years old > Kennedy was a large contributor to the Democratic Party
> He was the first Irish American to serve as ambassador to Britain
> He helped his sons with their political careers, and played a big role in getting his son Jack to be president
> In 1961 he suffered a severe stroke and was almost completely paralyzed on the right side of his body and could no longer speak intelligibly
> Died November 18, 1969 Joesph Patrick Kennedy (Continued) Joesph Kennedy lived to see four of his nine children die. John Fitzgerald "Jack" Kennedy (Continued) >Served as a congressman in the House of Representatives for six years
> He beat Republican Henry Cabot Lodge Jr. in the 1952 election for the U.S. Senate seat
> Married to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier
> Father of Caroline Bouvier, , and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
> He was a family man and went on trips with his family and his sisters and brothers families Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy > Born July 28, 1929
> Married to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, and mother of Caroline Bouvier Kennedy, and John Fitzgerald Kennedy Jr.
> She was a famous fashion icon and her Chanel pink suit has become a symbol of her husbands death
> She died of non-Hodgkins lymphoma, a form of cancer, on Thursday May 19, 1994 Kirk LeMoyne "Lem" Billings > Born April 15, 1916
>Lifelong best friend of Jack Kennedy
> He joined the Kennedy family for holidays, participated in family events, and was treated as part of the family
> He worked on Jack's presidential
> After Jack and Bobby were assassinated he still was close with the Kennedy family
> Lem died May 28, 1981 When Jack was president Lem came to the White House to visit so often that he had his own room Eunice Kennedy was the founder of the Special Olympics Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy (Continued) > Bobby was a United States Senator and a civil rights activist
> He went on a series of foreign trips to talk to school children to convince them to stay in school because that is what his brother would have wanted them to do
> He also went to see people who were suffering to talk to them no matter how bad the living conditions were
> Bobby became the man of the family and he remembered baptisms, birthdays, etc.
> He took his children and his nieces and nephews on family trips and he led them in games of touch football, a game he grew up playing Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy (Continued) Jack and Lem when they were young > Won the 1960 Presidential election and became the 35th President of the United States, he was also America's first and only Catholic president and he was the youngest elected at the age of 43
> As president Jack knew not only about politics but also about human beings, he wanted to fight against hunger, disease, and poverty around the world and he was a civil rights activist
> On November 22, 1963 John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, Texas by Lee Harvey Oswald
> Two days later Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby
> John F. Kennedy was only 46 years old when he died John F. "Jack" Kennedy (Continued) Joe Jr., Kick, and Jack Kennedy Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy > After being married for a few months William died in the war
> Some months later after fell in love with Peter Fitzwilliam, but Rose was furious that her daughter was having an affair with a married man and threatened to disown her
> On their way to Cannes Kathleen and Fitzwilliams died in a plane crash, she was only 28 years old The Family > The family was very close to one another, they went on vacations with each other, spent holidays together, and some even took part in Jack's presidential campaign
> When they lived in New York City their houses were at most 10 minutes away from each other
> When they took pictures together they never stood next to their spouse, they always stood next to another family member to show that they were one big family
> At one of the families get-togethers Joe Kennedy looked at all of his children, grandchildren, and in-laws and said, "This is the most exclusive club in the world." Where the Kennedys Lived >When the Kennedys were growing up they had a house at Hyannis Port, in Massachusetts
> It is also referred to as the Kennedy Compound
> Six acres of waterfront property that the family lived on and off throughout their lives
> Today the house is used as an education center and museum Do You Want to Learn More? If you are interested in the Kennedys and you want to learn more about their family I highly suggest you read the book, "The Kennedys an American Drama". It is really interesting even if you aren't interested in politics because there is so much more to the family than you think. You will connect with all of the family members and understand how extraordinary they were. The Kennedys have made a lasting impact on our country and still continue to today with the current generation of Kennedys. I hope that you found the Kennedys as interesting as I did, and that this will make you want to learn about them. > Bobby started to question what kind of future his children would have and if he was doing enough for them so that they could be successful, this led to him thinking about running for president
> At first he didn't want to run because of so many people who did not like him and thought he was selfish, but there were polls going around saying that if he would enter he would win and he decided that he had nothing to lose so he entered
> The family came back together to help Bobby as they had for Jack, but his campaign organization wasn't as well organized as Jack's was because there was not someone who was very ambitious like Bobby had been for his brother
> After going through many different states and bonding with people through his speeches Bobby beat out his first competitor Eugene McCarthy, and Bobby finally felt like he was stepping outside of Jacks shadow
> On the night of his first victory statement when he was on his way to a press conference he was shot, and killed This book was written in 1984 and some of the Kennedys were still alive when it was written but in the years since it was released they have died. In my project I state which Kennedys are still alive today whether it was in the book or not. The Next Generation of Kennedys Joseph Patrick Kennedy II >Born September 24, 1952, he was Bobbys oldest son
> Everyone believed that he would continue on the Kennedy Legacy
> Married to Sheila Brewster Rauch
> Father of twins Matthew Rauch Kennedy and Joesph Patrick Kennedy III
> He is still alive today and leads a non-profit energy company named Citizens Energy Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy Jr. > Born January 17, 1954, he was Bobby's second son
> Bobby Jr. reminded Lem Billings of Jack, so after Bobby died Lem cared for Bobby Jr. as his own son
> He was always interested in animals, especially falcons, he used to find and train the animals
> Lem would take him on trips to Africa to study the different animals David Anthony Kennedy Edward Moore "Teddy" Kennedy (Continued) > In 1969 while he was leaving a party he drove off Dike Bridge, he was able to escape the vehicle but his passenger Mary Jo Kopechne did not survive
> Ted did not report the accident to the police until the next morning after Kopechne had been found, he pleaded guilty to leaving the scene of an accident and his sentence of two months in jail was suspended
> He ran for president in 1980, but was defeated by Ronald Reagan
> Ted was the fourth-longest-serving senator in U. S. history, he served for almost 47 years
> He died August 27, 2009 at the age of 77 > Born June 15, 1955, he was Bobbys third son
> Bobby had a special connection with David because like David Bobby was the "runt of the liter" when he was growing up and always felt alone and left out
> After Bobby died David had no one and felt completely alone and turned to drugs to make himself feel better
> David was diagnosed with bacterial endocarditis twice
> He died April 25, 1984 from an overdose of cocaine, Demerol, and Mellaril > Lem believed that Bobby Jr. had potential to be a president so and he would teach Bobby Jr. what he knew from his experiences with Jack and Bobby
> As Bobby Jr. got older he and Lem got into the use of drugs, Bobby had control over himself but Lem didn't
> Lem helped him publish a thesis like Jack had at his age
> Bobby Jr. got involved in politics and was always competing with his brother Joe III
> Bobby Jr. and Joe III both helped their Uncle Teddy with his presidential campaign
> Bobby Jr. is still alive today and is currently a lawyer Robert Francis Kennedy Jr. (Continued)
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