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How Sleep Effects Our Way of Life

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Brendan Anderson

on 20 May 2013

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Transcript of How Sleep Effects Our Way of Life

By Brendan Anderson
PBL Class How Sleep Affects Your Performance at School Why We Need Sleep Stages of Sleep What is REM Sleep? What Does REM Sleep Do for Us? Helps us remember the correct order
Helps remember skills
Helps preserve social interaction, decision-making, and emotional memories
Need it to survive
Helps repair the nervous system During deep sleep, growth hormones are released Sleep gives neurons a chance to repair themselves in the brain and exercise neuronal connections that go away from lack of activity, or sleep Transition into Sleep is the first stage of sleep and is 2%-5%, between awake and asleep Stage 2 is the main stage of sleep or the "baseline" stage and is 45%-60% of sleep Stages 3 and 4 are called delta sleep, slow brain waves occur, deepest stage of sleep, and is low voltage to the brain Stage 5, the last stage, is REM sleep, a very active stage, 20%-25% of sleep, breathing, heart rate and brain waves quicken, dreams occur, and eyes move during stage Rapid Eye Movement
Dreams always occur
Starts with signals from the pons to the thalamus and the cerebral cortex, the outer layer of the brain that is responsible for learning, thinking, and organizing information
Pons send signals to the spinal cord, turning off neurons, making you paralyzed
REM sleep behavior disorder is when you act out your dreams and you are not paralyzed Dreams are the cortex's way of finding a meaning of random signals from the pons, and interpreting these signals REM sleep is necessary for brain development
Stimulates the learning part of the brain
Infants sleep more and have more REM sleep than adults for good brain development
Increases the amount of proteins in the body
REM helps remember and learn certain mental skills
If you are deprived of REM sleep, it is harder to remember information that you learned
The cortex of the brain organizes the information during consciousness, in use during REM sleep, causing dreams Conclusion Introduction Reasoning
Interested in REM sleep
To help people preform at school better Why people should sleep more
Will be awake and focused during school
Will be able to do problems more easily
And be able to remember things days before
Why Do This Project?
Help inform teachers and students to get a full nights sleep for many reasons
And to give people an understanding of why sleep is important for school and for health Sleep!
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