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Streak of death


maggie cade

on 24 September 2010

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Transcript of Streak of death

STREAK OF DEATH! (lightning) Timeline of Lightning Events 1.Florida- 1523 Deaths and Injuries - open water and low temperatures
2.Michigan- 732 Deaths and Injuries - mountainous and surrounded by lakes. Also between a temperature change
3.Pennsylvania- 644 Deaths and Injuries - Temperature changes happen often.
4.North Carolina- 629 Deaths and Injuries - mountainous and many open areas (cities are stread out)
5.New York- 577 Deaths and Injuries - many skyscrapers and electrically powered items definition of lightning- A brilliant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, occurring within a thundercloud, between clouds, or between a cloud and the ground. Lightning can hit any part
of a tree and will travel down
to the tip of its roots. DO NOT
stand under a tree during a
lightning storm! Basic Facts-
-"Lightning is one of the leading weather-related causes of death and injury in the United States. Most people do not realize that they can be struck by lightning even when the center of a thunderstorm is 10 miles (16 kilometers) away and there are blue skies overhead." (National Geographic)

-"Lightning is a giant discharge of electricity accompanied by a brilliant flash of light and a loud crack of thunder. The spark can reach over five miles (eight kilometers) in length, raise the temperature of the air by as much as 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit (27,700 degrees Celsius), and contain a hundred million electrical volts." (National Geographic)
-The odds of becoming a lightning victim in the U.S. in any one year is 1 in 700,000. The odds of being struck in your lifetime is 1 in 3,000.

*do not talk on the telephone during a thunder/lightning storm.
*do not have your computer on, for there is a possibility of it being burned or damaged.
*do not use anything that could conduct electricity. This includes fireplaces, radiators, stoves, metal pipes, sinks, and phones.
* Do not use any plug-in electrical appliances like hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, or electric razors. If lightning strikes your house they can conduct the charge to you. Scary stories and causes of Lightning gender victims- 84% male and 16%

months of most incidents- June, July, and

days of the week of most accidents-
Sunday, Wednesday, and Saturday.

Deaths by state- FL, MI, TX, NY, and TN. Lightning is caused by thunder clouds called cumulonimbus.
These clouds are caused by hot moist air that raises into the atmosphere.
Electrical charges build up within thunderclouds and when the electrical forces
become too heavy for the cloud, the electricity is released as "lightning".
Lightning can shoot from cloud- to- cloud or from cloud- to- ground. A bolt/streak of lightning can hit an object 10 miles away from
the cloud that it is being released from. One bolt of lightning can
have millions of volts of electricity. One bolt can also reach 54,000
degrees fahrenheit. Lightning travels 1 million times faster than sound. (186,000 miles per second). Scary Story #1- I had my own retail store and one morning it was pouring down and lightening, thunder all over. I had to go to my store's truck which was very old and had metal door openers. I thought nothing of it since I was in a hurry and busy. I think I even had an umbrella. I touch my hand to the metal door opener and shhhhh. lightening hit me for a short second. I could feel it go all the way through me. I dropped my hand and it stopped. Fortunately, I went back into the store and sat down. I could feel that it hit my head too. But since I was stable I just thought I was a little shocked. I never did call 9ll but to this day I think I have memory loss. You cannot tell a doctor that though. Anyway ever since that day I have tremendous respect for lightening and storms and have a real fear when it thunders and lightening is outside. Thanks for the article, Julie Simmons, Austin, Texas USA scary story #2-
It was early afternoon on August 2, 2007. I am 55. Michael, who was sitting at a park table cattycorner to me, was also hit, indirectly, and was knocked down. He is 54. There was rumbling in the distance and intermittant light rain. The lightning bolt was the only one in the several hours before and hour after the incident. There had been rumbling in the distance the entire day. After a couple of weeks I developed insomnia which has been resistant to medication. I am easily fatigued by work and have short-term memory impairment. My foot still aches and tingles. As long as 7 weeks later my neurologist was telling me not to go to work for at least 3 more weeks. *BALL LIGHTNING* For hundreds of years, people have claimed to see little blobs of light (lightning in golf ball form) during a
thunderstorm. Scientists have still not figured out how ball lightning forms since this type of lightning does
not stay around a long time. There is a possibility that ball lightning is formed because of the changing magnetic
fields. Ball lightning is the least dangerous of all the lightning types for it is simply electricity out of the air and not
being shot out of a big cloud that contains large amounts of negative (electric) charges. Can lightning strike twice? You may have wondered if lightning ever hits the same objects twice. Every minute, the earth is struck by lightning 100 times. Since lightning is negatively charged, it is always looking for positively charged objects to balance itself. Trees, buildings, and other tall objects are targets for lightning. It is proven that the Empire State Building is hit 23 times a year and the Eiffel Tower has been hit in almost every lightning storm in Paris. 5 worst lightning strikes in Histroy In 1963- Pan Am plane crashes killing all passengers beacuse lightning hit left wing. August 5th, 2010- Hiker in Rocky Mountains is struck by lightning while sleeping
in an open area under trees. He miraculously survived but died one month later because of serious burns and destruction to his internal organs. Retief Goosen, South African golfer struck by lightning- At fifteen, Goosen was struck by lightning while golfing with a friend at Pietersburg Golf Club. On January 30, 1985, Goosen and his friend Henri Potgieter were playing through a light drizzle when lightening struck the top of a tree and traveled to the ground and across the wet grass. Potgieter who was playing ahead of Goosen was knocked off his feet. Goosen, on the other hand, suffered a fate much worse than his friend. "When I stood up I was looking for him, and I couldn't find him," Potgieter remembered in Golf World. "I wanted to know his reaction. What I did see was his golf clubs and his golf bag. Then I saw him lying on his back. His tongue was down his throat and his eyes were backward, and he was breathing weird. He had no clothes on; they'd been burned from his body.

Read more: Retief Goosen - Lightning Strikes - Golf, Potgieter, Friend, Playing, Feet, and Body http://sports.jrank.org/pages/1684/Goosen-Retief-Lightning-Strikes.html#ixzz10DADBn2N landslide casued by lightning- Feb 4, 2010 -As a result of the lightning strike,
small fires and a big landslide started in the Blue Mountains (Australia) .
Also, the train rails were thrown out of place. accidents on rail road tracks casued by lightning- It was the worst train wreck in Long Island Rail Road history, and it happened on the night of November 22, 1950.

On a stretch of track east of the Kew Gardens Long Island Rail Road Station, a night-time New York to Hempstead commuter train came to a stop because its brakes would not release. As its motorman began working on the problem, a brakeman got out of the rear car and stood on the tracks holding a red lantern to warn any approaching train of its presence. Because there was no automatic stopping mechanism on these tracks, the Railroad's operating rules required the brakeman to do this whenever his train was stopped under circumstances in which it might be overtaken by another train. The brakeman was obligated under those rules to "insure full protection" of his train, and if necessary to accomplish that, he was to display a lighted "fusee" or put down "torpedos".
1458 - Heaven and earth seemed to combine for its destruction; for after being three times totally destroyed by common fire, it was in the year 1458 destroyed by lightning.But from the year I1Q8, down to this period, the history of Abo is nothing more than a catalogue of disasters, conflagrations, and catastrophes of every description. Heaven and earth seemed to combine for its destruction; for after being three times totally destroyed by common fire, it was in the year 1458 destroyed by lightning. Many homes were destroyed. 1752 - During summer 1752, in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin carry out the kite experiment to prove the similarities between electricity and lightning. Benjamin Franklin supposed that he could withdraw electricity from a charged body with another point sharped one. So ...During summer 1752, in Philadelphia, Benjamin Franklin carry out the kite experiment to prove the similarities between electricity and lightning. Benjamin Franklin supposed that he could withdraw electricity from a charged body with another point sharped one. So if the clouds are electrified, we could safely discharge them and protect people against lightning disasters. We are going to explain his arguments with other terms.

May 9, 1854 - Thnnder Storms and Disasters from the Lightning. The numerous calamities from lightning that have already occurred so early in the Spring, vividly remind us that these are but the forerunners of thousands of terrific scenes about to overspread the

Jun 26, 1975 - caprices of the wind, during a .thunderstorm were being checked yesterday as. possible causes of . one of the worst air disasters in American ... Nelmes declined to speculate on witness accounts of seeing lightning strike the. plane as it made a landing approach in an electrical storm. ...
From Crash Probe Focuses On Weather Changes .

Feb 9, 1988 - A West German commuter airliner was hit by lightning and crashednear a busy highway during a winter thunderstorm yesterday, killingthe 21 persons aboard in one of the country's worst air disasters, officials said. Witnesses said a wing fell off just before the craft crashed near ...

Jul 3, 1994 - occur worldwide at any mo ment Lightning strikes the earth more than 100 times per second While lightning strikes humans in only a fraction of these storms about 150 to 300 people annually are killed by lightning in the United States Lightning claims more lives in the United States ...

Sep 1, 1998 - About 100 Riverside County firefighters contended with a continuing heat wave and rugged terrain as they combated two fires simultaneously, which may have been caused by lightning strikes. In addition to the Juniper Flats fire, they fought a wildfire in the foothills just east of ...

Oct 1, 2003 - The Great Lakes Brewing Co a microbrewery based in Cleveland Ohio invested in a remoteaccess paging modem combined with a technical phonesupport program in the event of a problem When lightning struck at the brewery and key plant systems failed the support team was able to identify and ...

Aug 3, 2004 - Q: I think we have a public safety issue that needs to be addressed. We need a definitive piece done on lightning safety. I am very concerned about the difference in opinion as to when it is time to seek shelter. It particularly concerns me with coaches and umpires. ...

2005 - Lightning strikes claimed 717 lives in China last year and 619 in 2005. But when all lightning-related disasters are taken into account - including lightning- triggered fires and explosion accidents - the annual death toll is over 1000. Of the total, about ...Lightning strikes claimed 717 lives in China last year and 619 in 2005. But when all lightning-related disasters are taken into account - including lightning- triggered fires and explosion accidents - the annual death toll is over 1000. Of the total, about 10 per cent of the victims are under 18 years old, according to SMA figures. These numbers indicate that China has to step up efforts to avoid disasters brought about by lightning strikes. It looks like the waves are attracted to the lightning
but the lightning is actually attracted to waves. (The higher an
object, the more chance it will be hit). by Rose, Maggie, and Caitlyn As this picture shows, there are many more
lightning strikes in the mountainous areas.
This is because the mountains are taller than
anything else. This map does not show the
number of deaths by state but the number of
times lightning strikes a general area. Top Five Sates Thats Contain The Most Deaths Because of Lightning Patterns of Lightning Strikes in America-
From past lightning incidents, it seems that
the warmer weather is moving more north every
year. This may be causing more lightning to strike
northern states. Why is there so many lightning strikes in Central Africa,
Central America, and in the Carribean area? Can you guess?

One theory is that these areas are so close to the equator, and
get so hot during the summer months that the warm air mixes
with the cooler air from the north. This air combination creates
thunder clouds that get very heavy and release lightning. Lightning's Effect on the Physical Earth 1. Lightning causes wildfires that can leave many people homeless and destroy entire forests.
2. It is proven that some lightning bolts casued a volcano in Iceland to erupt.
3. The earth can also be hit so hard by lightning that a crack on the surface of the earth may be made. Ipod Lightning I bet you never thought that
listening to your Ipod would ever hurt you, much less even kill you! What? No way!
That's what you're saying, isn't it? Sad, but true, the scary fact about rocking out to your favorite song in a lightning storm can lead to some tragic injuries. The small metal wiring that is in the earbuds of your ipod are very capable of being struck by lightning and can lead to scarring and burning of facial tissue. In Ancient Greek Mythology,
the Greek people were said to
believe that Zeus (the god of all
gods) was the creator of lightning.
The lightning he produced is now
a symbol of the power he had,
and his "weapon" to keep order. Lightning and the Gods works cited see printed copy
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