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Hero's Archetypal Journeys

No description

Caitlin Camara

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Hero's Archetypal Journeys

Common Archetypes
Loyal Retainers
The Loyal Retainer is a hero's "side-kick." They can also be a protector. Donkey in Shrek is Shrek's loyal retainer.(side-kick) Donkey sticks by Shrek's side throughout the Quest.
Innate Wisdom vs. Educated Stupidity

Some characters show wisdom and understanding to situations instinctively. Loyal Retainers show some wisdom as they accompany the hero. In Finding Nemo, Dory is the loyal retainer.(educated stupidity) Dory helped Marlin find Nemo. (even though she is not really smart) Having a character like Dory can provide hope because she is so optimistic.
Archetypes are repeating patterns or symbols throughout literature,myths, fairytales, etc. We often don't realize that archetypes are in all stories.
Fire often represents knowledge,light, and life.

While ice often represents darkness and death. In Narnia, the White Witch is the ice. She wants eternal winter over Narnia.

Aslan (lion) and the four children are the fire. Aslan has great knowledge.
Having these opposing forces helps create plot.
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