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Developing 3D Cadastre System in Malaysia

IID 2012

Stephanie Tiyon

on 18 November 2012

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Transcript of Developing 3D Cadastre System in Malaysia

Developing 3D Cadastre System in Malaysia: Towards Providing an Adequate Cadastre System for 3D Property Introduction The Use of Land
In real estate, land is used in various creative and innovative ways to meet the needs of modern society which directly linked to the socio- economic and environmental development The Scenario of Land Use
The modern types of developments are developing 3D Cadastre System. This is to overcome the inadequacy of vacant land on the ground surface for rapid development and to cater the increasing number of population. 3D Cadastre Related Legal Documents
The rights, restrictions and responsibilities of the owner to the surface of the land should also be applied by those who own the air space or the underground of that same piece of land. The nature and extent of the statutory rights are mention under section 44 of the National Land Code. The rights of a land according to common law are express in a Latin maxim as cujus est solum ejus est usque ad coelum et ad inferos which means for whoever owns the soil, it is theirs up to heaven and down to hell. Other related legal documents are:

National Land Code 1965 (Act 56)
Strata Title 1985 (Act 318)
Uniform Building by-Law 1984
Street, Drainage and Building Act 1957
Town & Country Planning Act 1976
Local Government Act 1976 Examples of 3D property Tie back use to support foundation. Mid Valley and The Gardens Skywalk STREAM automated refuse chute in Royal Malaysian Customs Kelana Jaya One Utama Overhead Building Novelty Aim
To propose a system which allows the sales and valuation of 3D property which could secure the ownership of the property in Malaysia. The issue
The current Malaysian cadastral system does not have the proper equipment and method to generate a 3D cadastral system.
The progress of the Malaysian multi-purpose cadastral system is slow and suffers a lot of problem. Method NDCDB National Digital Cadastral Database is a survey accurate coordinates and seamless cadastral survey database. Imaging Laser Altimetry Imaging laser altimetry provides digital three-dimensional information about the shape of the Earth's surface.
Usefulness MPC Multi-purpose cadastral is an integrated land information system containing legal (eg. property ownership or cadastral), physical (eg. topography, man made features and cultural (land use, demographic)in a common accurate reference frame work. 3D City Model 3D city model is a semantic model where objects know about their structure thematic properties and interrelationship with other objects.
By having 3D city model as part of the system it can state that there are more than 1 owner in a single lot that occupy either then air space or the underground other than the ground surface. LOD Level of Details (LOD) for property is use to analyze and visualize the interior and exterior of real property objects. It shows the complexity and the application of the property.
LOD1: Correspond to Land Block
LOD2: Correspond to above or underground Building and infrastructure
LOD3: Correspond to Storey
LOD4: Correspond to Unit
LOD5: Correspond to Interior Geometric Structures Sales and Valuation
By having the system the sales and valuation of air space and underground can be determine by volumetric calculation.
The price of the air space above currently built buildings will be worth 10 times as much as the land it lies on. Ownership Rights
The sales and valuation will allow a secure ownership of the air and the underground. The extent of the ownership will depends on the volume of the airspace and underground bought. Usefulness Facilitate the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia technical development (information about land attributes, spatial objects, cadastre database (CDMS), etc.) To complement the existing legislation and system of ownership registration, development, disposal etc. in State Land and Mines Office (PTG) and District Land Office. Provide a proper system for property valuation for Real Estate Companies and Developers Setting out explanation and definition of 3D property by providing basic recommendation and fundamental principles of the 3D cadastre system. Impact Insurance
By having the volumetric method, the owner of the airspace and underground of the land can decide the insurance premiums and clarify what parts of the scheme are covered by the insurance. Tax
The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) can use the 3D property sales and valuation register for calculation and collection of taxes Ownership
A more secure and undisturbed performance of the facilities is establish for real estate 3D properties in the cadastral system and land registration. It also allow the registration of ownership for complex 3D property. PREPARED BY: STEPHANIE TIYON
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