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Physical Therapy

No description

Deanna McNece

on 12 June 2014

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Transcript of Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Educational Requirements
Minimum - 4 years

Licensing Exam - Maintain it


Personal characteristics
Entry level positions

Home healthcare services

Doctor's offices

Possible Career?
Training, teaching, explaining, motivating

Working with people

Being active

Work varies

Physical Therapist
Deanna McNece 2/25/14

Annual - $52,000 - $106,000
median - $74,000

Experience, geographic location, employer
healthcare services > doctor's offices
Meet with patient - examination

Treatment plan

Teach patients - stretches, exercises

Document steps
Nature of Work

8-10 hours a day

Hospitals, nursing homes, centers

Physically demanding
standing, bending, supporting patients

Working Conditions
Number of jobs in 2012: 204,200

Outlook 2012-22: 36%

Employment change 2012-22: 73,500
Job Outlook
Training or teaching

Working with people


Advantages / Disadvantages
Operating equipment and machines

Courses - chemistry, physics

Paper work

4 year college

Physical therapy program

Learn a second language
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