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How the body systems work in gymnastics

How the body systems work in the sport gymnastics

Abby W.

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of How the body systems work in gymnastics

How the body systems work in gymnastics By:Abby Muscular system Skeletal System Nervous system How these systems all work together What is Gymnastics Respiratory system Pictures of me doing gymnastics The most important system in
gymnastics is the muscular system. If you did not have this you could not even do one simple skill. This system helps you do everything like pullovers on bars to a simple cartwheel on floor. These muscles are working to help you do these skills and to not fall over or kill yourself The skeletal system helps you bend and keep straight. If you did not have this system you would be a blob of fat and could not do any skills. The bones in your body help you stay straight and not be a blob of fat. The bones help you do any simple skill to the hardest skills. When your in pain the nervous system reacts so you can tell when your hurt. Without this system you can not tell if you are hurt or not. This is important in gymnastics because if you break your arm you can get even more hurt if you don't feel the pain the first time it can get worse when you keep moving and doing skills The respiratory system is a big part in gymnastics because if your not breathing right you can faint or get drowsy. If we didn't breathe we couldn't live so we would die before we did any skills. Even if you have the respiratory system you should still breathe correctly and take breaks when needed. These systems all work together to create the best gymnastics experience possible. These systems all help move the body and help make the skills you can to do possible. If you are missing one system something can go wrong which would make it a very bad experience. These systems all play a part in this sport and work together to make the sport a success Gymnastics is a sport where you have to be strong and flexible. There are 4 main events: bars, beam, vault and floor. Bars is like a monkey bar except you do different skills. Beam is like a balance beam and instead of just walking across it you do things like cartwheels and handstands. Vault is where you jump of a spring board to do things like flips. Lastly Floor is about doing skills from a simple cartwheel to an airel (a no handed cartwheel)
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