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Alexandria Biamonte

on 2 December 2013

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Transcript of https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SnY46ulLAF1nGI9htLfr_9st

Abusive Relationships

Sexual Abuse
Sexual Abuse Help
Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network - rainn.org
National Sex Offender Public Website - nsopw.gov
Sexual abuse refers to any action that pressures or coerces someone to do something sexually they don't want to do. It can also refer to behavior that impacts a person's ability to control their sexual activity or the circumstances in which sexual activity occurs, including oral sex, rape or restricting access to birth control and condoms.
Warning Signs
Fear respose to reminders of the assault
Pervading sense of anxiety and feeling of never being safe
Guilty feelings
Developing a negative self-image, feeling “dirty” inside or out
Disruptions in close relationships
Loss of intrest in sex
Low self esteem or self-hatred
Lack of trust for anyone
Negative impact on future sexual relationships
Feelings of guilt, shame, and/or self-blame
Dissociative identity disorder
STDs and/or pregnancy
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Verbal Abuse
Verbal abuse can be broadly defined as the consistent demeaning of another while using “verbal weapons to gain dominance and control.” It is a precursor to both emotional and physical violence.
Warning Signs
a) Withholding
b) Countering
c) Discounting
d) Blocking and Diverting
e) Accusing and blaming
f) Judging, stalking, criticizing, trivializing, ordering, commanding, undermining, threatening, name calling, and intense aggression and anger.

a) Denial, avoidance, displacement, procrastination, rationalization, and trivialization. Unfortunately, these natural mental responses of abuse are unhealthy.
b) Psychiatric therapy and counseling
A) Exercise
B) Journaling
C) Meditation and deep breathing
Physical Abuse
any intentional and unwanted contact with an individual or anything close to the individual's body
Warning Signs
Child Abuse
Child abuse is doing something or failing to do something that results in harm to a child or puts a child at risk of harm.
Warning Signs
Physical or behavioral changes into violent and mean.
Child could be traumatized and they will start to think suicide, become violent, run away, drink or even do drugs.
Emotional Abuse
Psychological manipulation and perception warping inflicted from one individual to another.
Warning Signs
Physical or mental maltreatment. Misuse. Deception.

To wrong in speech, reproach coarsely, disparage, revile, and malign.
Physical Abuse Help
Domestic Abuse Hotline for Men & Women - dahmw.org
Gay & Lesbian National Hotline - glnh.org
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