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Fitness Training and Programming - Periodisation - P3

Periodisation in sport

Toby Clark

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Fitness Training and Programming - Periodisation - P3

PERIODISATION The organised division of training into a number of specific blocks, periods or phases off season competition pre season periodisation divides the training year into three phases Allows a performer to peak at the appropriate times pre season off season competition one year plan MACRO CYCLE long term plan
long term goals
1year block
4year block (olympic athletes) = MEGA CYCLE MESO CYCLES intermediate block of training
medium-term goal
meso cycles per macro cycle:
pre season, competition, off season MICRO CYCLES training sessions
form a recurrent unit
short term goal fitness event pre comp maintenance monitoring rest/recovery build up training develop basic and general all round fitness level increase intensity and focus on components important for event reduce total training load &
allow longer recovery. practice routines/games for competition 1-3 week sub meso cycle plan 3 6 month meso cycle 3 month meso cycle month meso cycle maintain fitness levels
remain injury free
focus on competition specific prep monitor signs of overtraining
increase recovery if necessary rest
remedial treatment for injury low level training
prepare for pre season week 1 improve specific element 1
EG- handspring in floor routine
left foot pass in football 7 day micro cycle plan week 2 improve specific element 2
EG- beam routine
free kick week 3 improve specific element 3
EG- vault
tennis serve day 1 day 2 day 3 day 4 day 5 day 6 day 7 EG- skill training EG- rest EG- high intensity training EG- rest EG- low intensity aerobic run EG- game EG- rest benefits of periodisation moderation/reversibility specificity variance overload progression/testing warm up/cool down flexibile prevents overtraining and ensures adequate recovery without reversibility each block is designed to prepare a specific performance component smaller units maintain motivation, avoid boredom and over training, and allow for recovery enables performer to manipulate training intensity, volume, frequency and rest monitoring helps guide a performer when training overload may be required to:
step up to increase adaptations
decrease to spot and prevent injury incorporated to avoid injury focuses on training and setting of all types of goals Fitness Training and Programming Mr Clark
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