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Pink and Say

Reading Project Prezi

Tim Fry

on 9 May 2013

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Transcript of Pink and Say

Pink and Say
By: Patricia Polacco In Pink and Say, Say was a boy who ran away from the army because he was afraid to fight. As he was running away from the army he was shot in the leg. Another boy named Pink found him and saved him by bringing Say to his house. Say eventually faced his internal fear of fighting and went with Pink back to the army. Pink and Say were caught by Confederate soldiers before they could join the Union Army. I think Say was brave to try and go back to the army. Character: Sheldon Curtis (Say) Pink is a compassionate and courageous boy. He risked his life and the life of his mother, Moe Moe Bay by saving Sheldon Curtis who had been left to die on a bloddy battlefield. Pink became friends with Say as Moe Moe Bay was nursing Say back to health. In the end the two friends showed great strength when they decided to face their fears by searching for the Union Army. Characters: Pinkus Aylee Setting Sheldon Curtis, a young white soldier,
is wounded and left to die on a civil
war battlefield when Pinkus Aylee, a
young black soldier, rescues him.
Sheldon (Say) is nursed back to health
by Pinkus’ mother, Moe Moe Bay. Fearing
that they are putting Moe Moe Bay in
great danger, Pink and Say prepare
to return to the war. Marauders
raid Moe Moe Bay’s home and Moe
Moe Bay dies in her attempt to protect
Pink and Say. Pink and Say are captured
by the Confederate Army as they try
to find their units. They are taken to
Andersonville prison camp and separated. Plot Pink and Say, by Patricia Polacco, is a wonderful book with a great message and sad ending. I enjoy this story of the friendship of two boys in the time of the Civil War. I especially appreciate how this story shows two viewpoints of the war. There is the viewpoint of the white Union boy soldier, Sheldon Curtis, who was shot by his own troops for running from a battle. The viewpoint of Pinkus Aylee is that of an African American boy soldier who wants to fight for the freedom of his people. Even though this story ends with both boys being captured by Confederate soldiers, I feel it is a great read. I would say it is an 8 out of 10 if I were to place it on a scale. Recommendation? The theme of Pink and Say focuses on courage in the face of war. Pinkus shows courage by leaving his home after Moe Moe Bay was murdered by maurauders in order to join the Union Army. Sheldon shows courage by facing his fear of battle and joining up with Pinkus to search for the Union Army. The story is also about friendship. Pink and Say become friends and help each other. Pink helps Say by saving him from certain death and Say helps Pink by helping him learn to read. Patricia superbly wrote this tale of friendship and courage during the Civil War. Theme An in-depth analysis by MR. FRY Pink and Say takes place in the South during the Civil War. The boys end up in Andersonville Prison which is about 100 miles South of Atlanta Georgia. Moe Moe Bay's house must have been somewhere in Georgia. Say was release from prison a few months after being captured, so this must have taken place towards the end of the Civil War around 1865. This setting in this story was essential to the plot. The story needed to take place in a Southern state at the end of the war. If Say was captured earlier than he was, he may have starved to death in the Andersonville Prison.
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