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Why learn a foreign language?

Learning a foreign language has many benefits& learn why

Hibo Mohamed

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of Why learn a foreign language?

Why Learn a foreign language?
Cognitive & Life Skills:
Academic Skills:
Learning a foreign language can :
significantly increase your chances of getting a job and job opportunities
come in handy when your company expands overseas.
All employment fields all have needs for people with foreign language skills
of learning a foreign language
Learning a foreign language can:
enhances your knowledge of English structure and vocabulary
reinforce your reading, social studies, and math
*A study show that students who study a foreign language preform better on standardized test than monolingual students
A study of 13,200 third and fifth graders in Louisiana public schools revealed that, regardless of race, gender, or academic level, children taking foreign language classes did better on the English section of the Louisiana Basic Skills Test than those who did not.
As you can see, learning a foreign language has many benefits. It can significantly improve your cognitive and life skills, your academic success, and your job opportunities and your employment
How you can learn a foreign language?
Learning a foreign language can improve you cognitive & life skills, academic skills, and your job opportunities in the future.
Did you know that learning a foreign language comes with many benefits?
Job Opportunities:
Learning a foreign language can:
improve your ability to learn and function in many ways, and also your ability to understand and communicate with different people
In a study, people who have learned a foreign language have a greater cognitive skills in mental flexibility, creativity, and high-order thinking skills (like reasoning and problem-solving).
If you’re interested in learning a foreign language, there are many schools and other educational institutions that provide the main opportunity to learn other languages.
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