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FYP Presentation

No description

Gasser Ahmed

on 8 July 2014

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Transcript of FYP Presentation

A single seamless information system allowing the faculty members across all departments to retrieve any required forms, information and analysis concerning the NAQAAE, ISO, ABET and IET accreditation systems.
Problem Definition
-Multiple systems for managing quality of the educational process.

Documentation required consumes time & effort.

Resources wasted.

Inconsistent data across different documents serving the same purpose.

Redundant data.
Integrated Quality Management System for Higher Education Institutes

Problem Definition

Aim and Objectives


Literature Review

System Under Study

Relational Schema and ERD

Mail Merge


Current Situation and Future Plans

Developing and integrating a seamless information system, easy to access interface and should provide faculty members with the necessary statistical analysis.

Any modifications will be automatically propagated throughout the system.

The Integrated Quality Management System should be a paperless system.

Determining the faculty members requirements regarding the strong and weak points through interviews .
Reviewing previous universities' experiences documented in form of technical reports, research papers and journal papers.
Develop a prototype of the information systems and collect the faculty members remarks, suggestions and opinions.
Developing a process model for the four quality management systems using IDEF0 or BPMN.
Based on the process models, screens with common questions should be developed. The answers for these questions would feed into the necessary forms of the NAQAAE, ISO, ABET and IET.
Integrated Quality Management System for the College of Engineering and Technology, AASTMT; is an integration of all the quality system certificates, which are ISO, NAQAAE, ABET and IET using a management information system.
Developing an information system using Word, Excel and Visual Basic with the following features:

Easy data entry with no redundancy.
Accounts for each user.
Audit Screens.

Developing the Entity Relational Diagram for the core database.
Literature Review
System under study
Relational Schema
and ERD

Managerial leadership for total
quality improvement in UK higher
perception gap
Evaluating the degree of
efficiency and degree of
effectiveness of TQM
practices relating to
leadership and process
Sunderland Business School, University of Sunderland, Sunderland, UK
AAST Certificates
COP : Code of practice

MPC : Core

MPI : Internal

MPS : Support/Supplementary
Forms of ISO
Relational Schema for ISO system
Course related part
Relational Schema for NAQAAE system
Course related part
Mail Merge
MS Excel MS Word
Supervised By :
Prof. Khaled S. El-Kilany
Dr. Hala A. Farouk
Presented By :
AbdulRahman AlSagh
Abdelwahab Salah
Gasser Ahmed
Omar AlNadeem

ERD for ISO system
Course related part
ERD for NAQAAE system
Course related part
In Conclusion,..

We made the Entity Relational Diagram for the core database.

Identified the common data between systems.

Any modifications will be automatically propagated throughout the system.

Its a PAPERLESS system.

Mail Merge in a Word Doc. (Form)
Mail Merge in a Word doc. (1)
Mail Merge in a word doc. (2)
Excel Sheet
Thank You :)

We hope we have been able to explain all aspects of our presentation.
If there are any questions left, we are very willing to answer them.
MPC Forms
Current situation and future plans
The root causes of weakness in quality management practices presented in table 1 reinforce the need to close the efficiency-effectiveness gap in participating UK HELs in order to achieve and sustain teaching and research quality improvement.
After interviewing IME faculty members of NAQAAE and ISO Committee in IME, Mechanical and Basic and Applied Science depts., they All have agreed on the following:

a) Documentation required for certification have many redundant data, b) and consumes a lot of time and paper.
c) A lot of documents required to be filled in a short time.
d) Too much time consumed in filling documents taking over the faculty's research time and students' needs.
e) Frequently updated systems requires updating different forms.
f) Flexible and user-friendly system is needed.

List of papers
It is a very general Quality Management System Certificate.

AAST has been accredited with ISO in 1998-1999.

-What are the benefits of ISO 9001 Quality Management?

Allows you to become a more consistent competitor in your marketplace.

More efficient ways of working will save time, money and resources.

Improved operational performance will cut errors.

Motivate and engage faculty and staff members with more efficient internal processes.
(The Institution of Engineering and Technology)
IET certificate is a part of the EAB (British institutes) program.

AAST has been accredited with IET in 2004-2005.

IET is specialized in (Electrical Eng,IME and communication engineering).

IET focuses on the educational courses and graduating projects.

Chartered engineer
(Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology)
ISO 9001
“Say what you do, do what you say !”
We were aiming for ABET
Presidential decree has been issued
In 2006, NAQAAE was established as the sole accrediting body of Egyptian education.

Its first name was QAAP.

NAQAAE has no specific field as it goes through all the educational phases eg.(Under gradutes,Post graduates,Al-azhar and schools).

NAQAAE is responsible for QA of the output of the Egyptian education system.
ABET is the top Accreditation body certificate in the whole world.

Its mainly focuses on the way of educational process(curriculums and student assessments).

AAST has been accredited with ABET in 2010.

Its ONLY for engineers.

It has different criteria to judge each engineer in different fields.
Its Time for ABET
Our four Certificates
Gantt Chart
Gantt Chart
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