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World Issues: Eritrea

No description

Braden Howell

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of World Issues: Eritrea

Eritrea A country in the Horn of Africa Is it a mature or developing country? Single party presidential republic Population of 6,086,495 No nuclear weapons, but supports Iraq's missile program Far Periphery Former colony, gained independence in 1993 Isaias Afewerki is the President Major human rights issues Human trafficking, fragile peace between warring tribes, conflicts with Ethiopia and Yemen Independent from Ethiopia in 1993 133 % of the GDP is owed to debt (2011) Mainly Christianity and Islam Italian Eritreans and Tigrayan people typically not given citizenship The Eritrean government is against reformed or radical versions of its established religions. Chances of Growing Up? The government of Eritrea is investing in three priority areas Food security and agricultural production Infrastructure development High budget deficits, resulting mainly from large military expenditure, and large social safety net, restrict the government’s ability to maintain prudent fiscal targets Revenue from the mining sector, if managed prudently, creates prospects for improving the revenue-spending ratio The country also continues to suffer from political isolation and sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council over the government’s alleged role in the Horn of Africa insecurity Human resources development With improved foreign support, and increased economic development in the mining sector, it may be possible for Eritrea to develop its economy to a point where it will be able to afford increased spending on social development North Korea Politics Ethiopia is now landlocked Eritrea is a main port in the horn of Africa However, because of its intolerance towards foreign immigrants and minorities within the country,change will most definitely not be possible under the current regime Foreign support will be necessary to improve conditions in Eritrea, which means that the government must begin to comply with the UN's policies, and the one party system must be replaced with a democracy, but only after the country has had a chance to develop socially Allying itself with unstable powers like Iraq, and not allowing open political parties to run in elections proves that Eritrea is very immature politcally. Social Development in Eritrea Religion Radical forms of Islam (viz, Salafism), Jehovah's Witnesses, the Bahá'í Faith, the Seventh-day Adventist Church, and numerous other non-Protestant Evangelical denominations are not registered and cannot worship freely. The patriarch of the Catholic Church in Eritrea is currently in prison for speaking out against the government Overall there is very little religious freedom; a telltale sign of an immature country in today's world Economics However, the literacy rate amongst men is 95.2% Women's literacy is at 85% Income ratio of men to women is only 0.5 There is a large gap in gender equality, both socially and economically The HDI is 0.3

177/187 countries Most of Eritrea's GDP comes from the mining industry This industry exploits under-payed workers Most of the produced resource is shipped abroad and bought by first-world nations 21% of Eritrea's GDP is spent on military spending Mainly due to political instability, rebel uprisings and conflicts with Ethiopia Another tell-tale sign that Eritrea is an immature country Overall, Eritrea is like a rebellious toddler It is unwilling to comply with its peers, does not treat others equally and refuses to admit when it is wrong THE END
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