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An Agent's Flow Chart

This chart is in a free-movement mode with no set path of progression (unlike most Prezis). Feel free to explore the components at your own pace. All content ©2012 - The Pericles Group, LLC.

Kevin Ballestrini

on 19 May 2012

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Transcript of An Agent's Flow Chart

Agent (you, the Instructor)
1. Create a new immersion
Operative (the student)
1. Operatives read the new Immersion
2. Operative launches CODEX via link provided for assistance
2a. CULTURALIA provides important mission-specific info
2b. including links to Wikipedia and other sources
3. Operatives collaborate on a response in their sub-groups (Team Fora)
4. Lead Operative posts their Recentius' action in the main TSTT immersion as a 'reply'
(Responses should always reflect the world-view of their Recentius)
2. Scaffold and assist discussion for the Operatives in their team sub-groups, especially at the beginning of the Operation.
contributions from students and award Latinity Points in the Mission Control Feed sheet
4.Provide feedback, when appropriate, in the 'Comm' tab of the Mission Control Feed sheet -- this will appear in the operative's dossier
5. As the Agent, you should respond to the Recentiī as the characters in the immersion
Basic Workflow
Advanced Operations
Student view of their individual dossier
2c. Operative reviews their character's world-view
An Agent's Flow Chart of Operation LAPIS Activities
2d. KEY-TEXT will often provide additional information relevant to the mission
2e. GRAMMATICA and VERBA sections provide important language information to aid Operatives with the immersion
6. Beginning with Episode 3.3, Agents should award 'denariī' to the characters for their performance
5. Operatives add the denariī rewards to their character's inventory sheet
5a. Operatives can shop in the various fora scattered about the TSTT-world
5c. Operatives tell the story of their trip to the forum and of what they purchased
7. Using the links in the guide, the Agent adds the gear to their character sheet for immediate use in the TSTT
6. Operatives should collaborate on their 'memorātiō', a retelling of the narrative from their character's point of view
6a. Agents should feel free to award denariī (or LPs!) to operatives/characters for their work on 'memorātiōnēs'
7. Operatives should 'collect' forms from immersions, agent replies, key-texts, and attunements to add to their carta collēctiōnis
8. At 50 forms, their dossier automatically awards a new CARD (they can continue to collect forms for additional rewards)
8. Agents should periodically check for operative accuracy and provide feedback when necessary
When the current episode is finished, the Agent should post the next immersion episode and continue the adventure.
5e. Operatives may also purchase CARDs for their entire team which cannot be gained from another other method
9. Operatives may take part in CARD-tamen™ battles with their unlocked digital CARDs
9. Agents should feel free to award denariī (or LPs!) to operatives for winning in-class tournaments
5d. Operatives can use the abilities granted by equipment in the TSTT-immersion space
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