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UNIT 3-Activity 2 Assignment 2 Unit 3 Reflection- Roadblocks or Stepping Stones-Janice N.

No description

Janice Na

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of UNIT 3-Activity 2 Assignment 2 Unit 3 Reflection- Roadblocks or Stepping Stones-Janice N.

Something to look
at in the future...

• My Collaboration Skills are phenomenal.
• My Responsible Skills are great.
• My Oral Skills are great.
• My Listening Skills are also fantastic.
• My Writing Skills are also great.
• My Independent Skills are also fantastic

• ie.) My responsibility skills are shown by coming to class on time and bringing my materials to each class everyday. My collaboration skills are shown by group presentations or projects. I am always open to listen to all of my peers' opinions. My independent skills are shown by following instructions on my own. My communication skills are shown for every subject. Having a positive mindset and attitude is also a great benefit for me.
The lists I have developed for my skills,
strengths, supports, allies,
and resources will help me
in the future. If there are
any problems in my future
plans, and I have to make
any transitions or changes
in my plans, coming back to this presentation
and lists will help me figure what next step to
• My Communication Skills are fantastic.
• My Interpersonal Abilities are extraordinary.
• My Multi-tasking Abilities are great.
• My Analytical and Research Skills are good.
• My Independent Skills are superb.
• My Organization Skills are good.
• My Initiative and Self-Regulation
Skills are okay.

• ie.) I can experience all of these skills
when I am at a school-like environment or a school environment.

• My Family
• My friends
• My Relatives
• My Guidance Counselor
• My School Teachers
• My Church Friends and Pastors

•ie.) Whenever I have struggles in my life or are troubled with worries, I usually talk to my family( mainly my sisters). My sisters are my role models, they give me great advices and help me with any struggle I have. They've also been through the bad and the good times with me that makes me go to them for support. The list above are possible options to go to for support.

My resources are...
• http://www.myblueprint.ca/

• My Guidance Counselor
myblueprint.ca is one of the easiest ways to plan your education and career. If there are changes in my future career plans I can always check for requirements need or etc.

My guidance counselor is one of my main resources needed during a transition in my plans. My guidance counselor is someone that I can ask for advice when I am not sure on what steps to take next.
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