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Dungeons and Dragons

No description

Monica Cameron

on 1 February 2014

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Transcript of Dungeons and Dragons

Neder En Forod
The Seam
The Outlands
Laconi Cavern
Ther Luna
The White Tower
Eethria is the kingdom in the central part of the world, between very cold and very hot. Eethria is known for hosting the annual Harvest Festival. Eethria is also the only kingdom to ever have an elf, or a woman, as the primary leader.

Government: Monarchy
Queen Eriathwen
King Aodhan
Princess Yaavie
Past Rulers
King Cormac ~ King Cormac, son of King Harron, ruled justly for many years. He brought peace to the people with no fighting and no overpowering. He did one thing many Kings before him neglected to do. He listened. Listened to the people and to his mind, this brought him greatness and a safe kingdom.
He was the King to lead his people to the light, he was the first King in centuries to sleep under the stars and the moon, to feel the soft sunshine on his skin. He adored the nine, and granted them a life of peacefulness and riches.
He also created nine medallions to hold a small vial of each member's blood. That blood would surge magical powers into the person that bears it around their neck. He cautioned the nine that this medallion would only work if the person had all the proper ingredients within their bodies. If anyone else attempted to wear it, they will die instantly from the shock of the magic. They, and the medallions, lived within the castle that was resurrected from the ruins of the castle that stood proud centuries past.
Though he was a great king, he was also human. He died of old age with four sons to watch his kingdom after he had departed. As his eldest son, Prince Tybalt was to take the throne.
King Tybalt ~ King Tybalt was honored by his people because when he was only fifteen years old he defeated an invading werewolf. The boy was his father's favourite after that, and after the old man's death Tybalt swore to keep the kingdom pure and true. Though he tried, the massive Orc invasion had him scrambling.
In all all the years of his reign, he never saw the kingdom grow as grey as it had that year. He stood by the side of the nine to protect Eethria, even though Diantha was lost and a part of Eethria was gone. Little did Tybalt know, the nine medallions had also perished with the capital city.
The people questioned his judgment harshly after that, though they did still respect him. He also announced Ahti as to be the most powerful wizard. Ahti and King Tybalt were close, Ahti had often accompanied Tybalt in the wilderness when he was a child. On his deathbed, his requested his second youngest brother to receive the throne because he had no offspring, but only two days after his death his second youngest brother had mysteriously perished. The second eldest brother, only one year younger than Tybalt, claimed the throne.
King Lethordus ~ King Lethordus was old when he became king, though he did have two sons and one daughter by that time. Before his brother Tybalt had died, he married a commoner woman named Eneshia. The marriage had not gone well with Tybalt or any of the brothers. Eneshia was an elf, and the royal family looked down on elves, and thought that they should never join the ranks of the royal.
Lethordus held his ground and stayed with Eneshia, disobeying his brother's orders but also following his heart. After only one year, the royal family had gotten used to the elf in the castle and paid the same attention to her as to any of the other members of the family.
After Tybalt passed away, many suspected it to be Lethordus's doing of the younger brother's death, who was requested to take the throne. Lethordus was proved innocent, but the youngest brother was not. Lord Cededus was proved to be the murderer, and was put in front of King Lethordus to be sentenced. To everyone's surprise, Cededus was ordered to be sent to The Ulairi Trenches instead of death. The order was fulfilled and Lord Cededus was never heard from again. Some suspect his lineage still exists outside of Eethria, but it has not been proven.
King Lethordus ruled peacefully for only two centuries before retiring. His two sons names were Sadon and Cormas. Sadon was the eldest and not what anyone thought to be fit for a king. Sadon was humble and had magical powers. The boy became an illusionist, as he was very interested in magic and how to control it.
Cormas was the opposite. He was very much younger than his brother, and he was as much a warmonger as a warrior dwarf. He had little of his mother in him, much of his father. He was always looking for a fight, though his advisers talked him to reason many times. King Lethordus felt Cormas would become the perfect king. But once he presented his opinion to his wife, Queen Eneshia, she scolded him in his thinking.
“He will destroy the kingdom! Let it fall to pieces! How could you decide such a thing would be appropriate?!” Her words caused him to think deeply. They argued constantly for five weeks before a final decision was made. King Lethordus was near death, and both him and the Queen announced that Prince Sadon was to become King. The Queen resigned her position after King Lethordus's death, she claimed that to be Queen without her King wasn't her place. She lived as only a noble in the castle walls.
King Sadon ~ As a very young King, Sadon ruled with many advisers and his mother, at his side. He thought deeply and constantly, weighing each decision with many nights of thought. He promoted his younger brother Cormas as the General of War. His mother thought it an unwise thing to do, but a decade later it proved the right decision.
The Queen of Novenshire attacked Eethria with the goal of taking over, but that goal was not fulfilled. Lord Cormas, General of War, led Eethria to defeat enough of Novenshire's army and conquer their land. After that, Eethria was half the size it is today. King Sadon grew old, and was more than ready to retire. He did not have any sons, only three daughters with an elven noble. His daughters names were Nethelia, Emeline, and Vienca. The eldest being Nethelia, King Sadon wanted her to take the throne. He knew she was interested in politics and what goes on with the land, she was also headstrong and very intelligent. Regardless of his reasons, Cormas was violently opposed. After arguing, Cormas had won. His son Hurrien would become King.
King Hurrien ~ Only two decades did King Hurrien rule. During those, his father died in battle and his mother had grown incredibly ill. His younger sister passed away from the same illness that held his mother. She was strong, and he was sure she'd live. Though that did not happen, only five years after he became king did she die.
Struck with grief, the King hid in his study, neglecting the kingdom and people within it. Thieves and evil – doers took over cities and towns, controlling the trade and wealth. King Hurrien hid while Eethria fell into ruin. More than two thousand inhabitants migrated south, and many died trying to protect their family and their home in the cities.
When King Hurrien committed suicide after two decades of ruling, if that is what it shall be called, and the few remaining people of the kingdom were not surprised. Most were even pleased by his death. And once again did the rule fall upon Sadon.
Queen Emeline ~ Lord Sadon's wish was finally fulfilled when his daughter took the throne. She had no husband, only two loyal sisters and a loving father to guide her. Her mother had died trying to protect her brother in law, her King from a group of greedy bandits.
A few inhabitants protested again a solo queen, but were easily swayed when Queen Emeline was compared against King Hurrien. Emeline was admired by young elven girls, whom had no rights until then. Queen Emeline did her best to make Eethria a sanctuary for all races. She was displeased with her uncle to neglect the people, and she publicly vowed to never turn away.
Lord Sadon passed away five years after Emeline was crowned Queen. She mourned his death, but only for so long until she stepped back into the seriousness of political matters. King Bowen from Gladien was becoming a great threat and his spies were killed in Eethria's territory. This did not please Queen Emeline. She demanded to be satisfied, and that goal would not be achieved until King Bowen was brought to justice. Emeline was not a warmonger like Lord Cormas, though she was not the kind of person to blind herself to the danger that presented itself clear as day.
Queen Emeline joined the Oath Sworn soon after. With her joining, once again the group was honored greatly. The Queen commissioned a castle to be built in The Capital, renaming the city as The Nine Powers. She presented The Oath Sworn with nine medallions, the exact ones that the first members of the Oath Sworn wore in their ceremonies. It was rumored that evil – doers were plotting to prepare their own recipe from the ingredients, digest it, and steal the medallions for themselves.
Queen could not fathom where the greedy men could have retrieved the list of ingredients, but none the less she was afraid for Eethria. So instead of keeping the medallions in The Nine Powers or letting the evil – doers find the medallions with the Oath Sworn themselves, she hid each medallion away in Nine cities within Eethria. Nobody but the Oath Sworn themselves can locate the medallions.
The Oath Sworn soon came in handy when King Bowen's army crossed Eethria's borders in attempt the claim her land. Queen Emeline suspected such actions, and had her army ready to defend. The Oath Sworn skillfully decapitated King Bowen's stronger creatures and generals, and finally, King Bowen himself. To their horror, King Bowen had brought an undead dragon to slay the Oath Sworn, though it did not succeed.
Gladien was conquered by Eethria's army and all rejoiced after the hard battle. Soon after Queen Emeline heard that her family was dead. Her sisters, her cousins, her aunts and uncles. Everyone dead. She was stricken with grief, as she had not seen King Bowen's other plan. It was to also kill all the nobles of the castle. He had succeeded in that.
The Queen ruled in saddened peaces for decades after that. She kept the kingdom cheerful and lush, though she herself was still grieving. One stormy night, she was murdered in front of a thousand witnesses on the castle's main balcony that faced the street. The murderer was a loyal friend to King Bowen's, and he had sworn to fulfill his duty in killing Queen Emeline.

He held the sword to her throat and looked upon the people, a sly grin on his face. “This is what happens to Kings and Queens.” He said without remorse, then cut her throat and let her lifeless body tumble off the balcony and to the cobblestone street below.

After that, no Queen or King was chosen. It could have been out of fear, or the fact that Queen Emeline's lineage had perished. No one can know for sure.
Also known, in common speak, as "Central City"... Neder En Forod is one of the largest cities in the world, where elves, dwarves, humans, and halflings live side by side and accept the service of one another. Eethria is known as a bi cultural establishment,and the capital city proves just that.
Chantry Mage Towers
Though spoken ill of, the Chantry towers are the opposite in beauty as their purpose. Chantry towers require years to built because they are well thought out and lavishly decorated. Mages are kept in the towers for their whole lives, unless they become enchanters/enchantresses, are taken by the Chantry for other uses, or become apostates (illegal mages). The towers are watched by 10 - 50 chantry templars at a time, and often chantry guards will be assigned to a tower for life.
Foarn is a very traditional city. Old laws are still followed, as well as the old tradition of "lordship" over the town. This city is still just as beautiful as it was a century ago, with the constant upkeep and minimal Chantry interference. Foarn continues to be the main supplier of lumber to other cities in Eethria and the city itself still holds one of the nine medallions.
Winterhallow is the only remaining kingdom with dragon inhabitants. Whereas Novenshire would experiment and trap the dragons, Winterhallow is a refuge for free dragons to dwell. Here you will find a beautiful winter wonderland, a kind royal family and friendly people everywhere you turn.
Winterhallow has been ruled over by the same blood for as long as anyone can remember, or any records state. It is a free haven for mages, and Chantry towers do not exist. Mages are paired with mentors, and learn one on one, without the oppression that the Chantry forces. The King is a strong defender of elven rights, as well as the freedom of mages. Winterhallow and Novenshire have been at war over these disputes on more than several occasions. Considering the geography, Eethria often gets swept into the conflict.
Walking through a market in Winterhallow is quite the experience. It is loud and merchants are calling out to people, so much that it is a wonder that they do not lose their voices by the end of the market day. The merchants are mainly dwarves and elven travelers, with a few snarky human merchants here and there. The goods are not as exotic as those in Eethrian and Novenshirian markets - mainly the essential goods and glassware. And if you are lucky - you might catch a glimpse of the Queen strolling about.
Island of Hwen
Ville - Turaun
Stratport is a very busy part of the world. It is a technologically advanced country, as well as a very beautiful one. The land is very lush with forest growth, but the island has been mostly overtaken by the city. The edges contain the forest, where the cliffs are rocky and moist from the ocean air.
The kingship of the country seems to switch bloodlines quite often. To be the third king tied by a bloodline is rare.
Past Rulers
King Leivion was the first ruler of a newer establishment. He created the first dragon-hunting games as a global competition. The large continent across the wide river was prime hunting grounds. When King Leivion was well into his third decade of ruling, war broke out between Winterhallow and Stratport because of the issue. Winterhallow defeated Stratport, only to demand they ban dragon hunting.
King Harlen was the son of King Leivion. He was a handsome man with a great skill of public speaking. He won the crowd over with every speech, and during his rule, laws went over easy with the people. He passed a law for curfew, weapon banning, and a higher tax rate. The people did not argue. He had no sons or daughters, nor did he have any family members to pass the throne to. He chose his closest right hand man to rule, Sir Theodus.
Sir Theodus was not accepted as a "real kling" because his bloodline was not of that of the first rule/ After he became the ruler of Stratport, the people did not respond well to his speeches, and no laws could be passed without a riot. He was assassinated five months after his rule began.
The latest Prince of Stratport comes from a family who swear they are of direct bloodline of the first King. They claim to have moved to Strarport after hearing that King Leivion did not have a grandson on the throne. King Harlen did have a younger brother who was said to have died in battle to the west when he was a middle-aged man. Prince Cahir II, Cahir's son and King Harlen's nephew, took the throne after an honorable dual with Theodus's son, Kailen. Prince Cahir II is a heroic figure in the eyes of the people, they adore him almost as much as they loved King Harlen. He is still young, but he is to chose a wife soon and have children to carry on the bloodline.
Whiteridge is the most beautiful and grand elven dwelling in the world. It is rumored that the gods built a home for the princess god on the soil. The first elven woman to rule Whiteridge was spoken of as if she were a god. There are numerous legends about Lady Minra. She was astonishingly beautiful, and she had a voice like the waterfalls of Hinalla. She lived for five thousand years before joining the ranks in the heavens. Whiteridge is what she left behind.
There are many elven communities living along the border of Eethria, desiring no ruler to govern them. They take care of themselves and rule their own homes with care and tradition. Most self-governed elven communities are hostile to outsiders and might go as far as to kill them if they near the elven camp.
The first, largest, and most beautiful magic library was built here. It contained every spell ever known to this world's species. Who knows if it's walls are standing, or if it even still exists.
The darkness came to Eethria, and began to spread to other parts of the west. The elves sailed across the ocean to find an ancient city, and restored it to it's former glory. They must be there now, or the legends would be otherwise be false.
The only thing explorers have found here is the scorching Magaja desert. There are endless rumors of treasures and king's tombs and great lost cities, but nothing has been found yet.
Ada Thorem
Player Character: Alecia Character: Karri
Homeland: Central City Current Quest: Return to Neder En Forod

XP: 1270 / 2500 HP: 8/8 Class: Thief (2)

STR 10
DEX 18 +2
CON 13
INT 14
WIS 12
CHA 16

AC 9
Race: Elf
Alignment: Neutral
Religion: Ereyan Ilesere (page 108)
Sex: Female
Height: 4' 9''
Age: 160
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Black, to shoulders.
Eyes: Brown

Black Cloak
Belt Pouch
Map/ Scroll Case
Thieves Picks (9)
Chainmail Gloves
Box (little) *Open in sunlight
3 Silver Rings
5 Days Rations

Dirk (2) ---> Damage 1d6
Throwing Knives (4) ---> Damage 1d4

Diguise ---> Cha
Lock Pick ---> Dex
Local History ---> Cha
Dirk ---> Dex
Throwing Knives ---> Dex
Eethran History ---> Int
Friendly town
Church tower, no chantry.
Bartender is Lord of town.
Mistress's hometown, mother lives here.
Henchmen/Animal Companions
Name: ---
Type: Gecko
AC: 10
HP: 1
THAC0: 20
Damage: 1d4
Abilities: Blends.
Player Character: Skyler Character: Auric Winter
Homeland: Current Quest:

XP: 1570/1250 HP: 6/6 Class: Bard (1)

STR 10
DEX 12
CON 10
INT 13
WIS 15 +1
CHA 17

AC 10
Race: Human (Half Elf)
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Religion: N/A
Sex: Male
Height: 5' 11'
Age: 23
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Long, brown, dark
Eyes: Green
Winter Violin
Juggling Balls
Deck of Cards
Note Book
Vile of Air
Red Gem
Short Bow
Flight Arrows (12)
Sheaf Arrows (6)
Musical Instrument ---> Dex
Charm ---> Cha
Tavern Entertaining ---> Dex
Bard Music
Cause Fear
Unseen Servant
More than a thousand years ago, Oakyeild was just a small stone temple founded by the monks of Keyleth. The monks lived peacefully in solitude for four generations, until barbarians flooded the land from the North. The monks sent help to any nearby cities. Neder En Forod militia came to the rescue, took back the temple, and dozens of soldiers settled in the area with their families. From that, Oakyeild grew into a beautiful little village.
Once upon a time The Outlands deserved it's former name, Diantha, which meant divine flower. Diantha was beautiful and full of life. The capital city was astonishing, with plentiful gardens and flowing fountains. Traders flooded the market, bringing spices and desired goods to the amazing city.
The land was lush with grass, trees, animals, and many many flowers. As far as the eye could reach was colours of all sorts. Some flowers had healing powers, some had colour that could rub off onto eyelids and cheeks. Diantha was known for her gentle, plentiful supply of flowers.

Lord Aururin and Lady Olatha ruled together in peace, truly loving their people as if they were family. Lady Olatha's sister married Lord Demin and the two ruled Foarn together. The two women often came together in festivals and attended plays together in the beautiful theaters in Diantha.
It wasn't until too late one beautiful evening that Lord Aururin heard news of Orcs marching to Eethria, prepared to take Eethria as their home. The Orc hoard slaughtered many of the people of Diantha without mercy, when the Oath Sworn arrived it was too late. They fought the Orcs, and once destroying their leader, watched them flee back north to The Ulairi Trenches.
The highway between Oakyeild and Foarn is commonly called gypsy road because of the amount of caravans that camp along this road each year. The road is about 15km long.
The Seam is what you'd call the "steampunk" town of Eethria. Many homes are made of huge sheets of metal, and "industry, industry, industry" is the governor's motto. The Seam originated as the main slave holding prisons in the kingdom, but now remains as the shipbuilding capital of the world, and prime location for fishing families businesses.
For a long, long time.. Landalore was the home of a mad alchemist. His experiments included wandering villagers and woodland animals. A group of explorers breeched his fortress and fought with the alchemist for a short time before he fled. Landalore has been left in ruins. All that remains are mutated people - who escaped... And failed experiments - who did not escape.
There is little known about Foxcut. It is a small, peaceful halfling village with a general store and an herb specialist. The town does not mind travelers, but despises trouble.
Player Character: Merwin

Character: Daemon
Current Quest:
Class: Thief
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