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Evgeny Dimitrov

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Armani

Institutional Structure History Armani S.p.A ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE Organizational Culture Espoused values
-modernity Created by
Giulia Scialino,
Alessandra Swoboda,
Valeria Leodari ,
Jonathan Merien
and Evgeny Dimitrov Armani Apparel Horizontal boundaries 1/2: product diversification Corporate Strategy Armani Fragrances
Armani / Dolci
Armani / Fiori
Armani / Eyewear
Armani / Casa
Armani Hotels&Resorts Horizontal boundaries 2/2: product diversification Corporate Strategy Corporate Strategy Vertical Integrated manufacturing of product ranges
Antinea Srl: formal clothing for Emporio Armani, Armani Collezioni
Deanna S.p.A. : knitwear
Guardi S.p.A. : footwear
Intai S.p.A. : tie, underwear, beach, home furnishings, leather accessories
Simint S.p.A. : casual wear for Armani Jeans
License agreements for specialist lines: eyewear, perfumes, watches and jewelry
Directly-managed stores in key markets and for key brands
Indirectly-managed stores with competent trading partners Vertical Integration: a countervailing manufactory strategy 500 stores spread over 46 countries Wide range of sub brands
500 stores worldwide
46 countries
5000 employees

Giorgio Armani's personality&self-promoter sense
Specific personally-shaped brand philosophy
Product differentiation, maximum segment coverage
Great advertisement policy
Vertically-integrated business
Advantageous license agreements for specialist lines Conclusion: Today Competitive Advantage The End Thank you for your attention Long-established brand

One of the market leaders internationally

Run by its founder - Giorgio Armani

Advertisement - celebreties

Personnel attitude

International market
Board of Directors
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