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Among the Hidden

No description

Asim Khan

on 23 August 2016

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Transcript of Among the Hidden

-the creation and development
of a character in a story.
-Writers show what a character is like
by describing what they say and do.
Give examples from the book
about a character's personality.
-an interruption of the sequence of events in a story to tell about something that happened in the past.
Give an example of flashback
Yes- person vs society
Yes- person vs person
Yes- person vs self
No -person vs supernatural
No -person vs nature
Specific Conflicts
-Luke vs Government
-Garners vs Government
-Poor vs Rich
-Mother vs Father
-Mother vs Self
Chapter 1-5 Summary
Luke is the third child in a place where
it is illegal to have more than two kids.
His family lives on a farm raising pigs.
The government has started chopping
down the trees near his house to build
new houses. Luke is no longer allowed
to go outside. One day his family gets
a letter from the government saying that
they cannot raise pigs anymore.
-Thoughts and feelings
-Direct comments
Vocabulary (Chap 1-3)
-shudder p.1
-obey p.1
-grumble p.4
-pregnant p.6
-cuddle p.9
-foolish p.10
-discover p. 12
-outgrow p. 12
-shove p.13
-vehicle p.16
-patch p.17
-vent p.16
Chapter 6-8 Summary
The Garner family (Luke's family) sell all their hogs
and make some money. But they receive a tax bill
that is much higher than usual. All the money made
from the hogs is spent paying off the tax bill. Mother
decides to start working at the factory to make money...
leaving Luke alone in the house all day.
Within a few months, all the houses are filled up in the
neighborhood. Luke counts each person from his
attic view and knows exactly how many there are.
One day, when he is sure that no one is in the
neighborhood, he sees a face in a window of a
house where two kids already live. (End of Exposition)
-The series of events that begin immediately after the exposition, or introduction , of the story and builds up to the climax.
-These events are generally the most important parts of the story since the entire plot depends on them to set up the climax.
Higher Taxes!
Vocabulary (Chap 4-8)
-suspicious p. 21
-grain p.26
-slump p. 28
-familiar p. 30
-marvel p. 31
-chore p. 34
-apparatus p. 37
-protest p. 40
-stomp p. 41
1. Luke looked down through the ____.
2. He saw the first tree _____ and fall.
3. I'm so hungry I can hear my stomach ____.
4. Luke would sit on his mother's lap and ____.
5. It was _____ of me to start smoking.
6. You must ____ your coach if you want to win.
7. She was ____ with Luke when the Population Law began.
8. Eating all sorts of _____ is a healthy habit.
How an author develops a character.
Think of an alien from
another planet.
Think of a famous
shark character.
1. What is the setting of the story.
2. In your own words explain one of the conflicts other than Person vs Society.
3. How does an author develop a character?
4. Choose a character. Give examples of how the author develops this character.
5. At what point does the rising action start?
6. What is flashback?
Think of a teacher (Mr. K)
or a typical boss
Keep an eye on how Luke changes
as a character during the story.
Study Questions (Exposition)
He would have looked
hiding behind a tree.
Eating all sorts of
is a healthy habit.
The student
in his chair because he was tired.
You look very
Have we met before?
at the large size of the beautiful house.
Mark and Matthew did not want to do Luke's
A tool such as a computer or microscope is an
Jen told luke to get ready for the
in the city center.
Luke was angry at Mark so he
around the house.
Chapter 9-16 Summary
Soon, Luke starts getting the idea that he
could actually go over to the Sports family
house and meet this Third Child. After many
days, the perfect moment finally arrives.
He sneaks out of the house and goes into the
Sports family house to find a girl named Jen.
She tells him that the government is corrupt
and doesn't actually have ways of checking for Third
kids. Jen tells Luke that she will change his life.
Chapter 17 (VERY IMPORTANT!)
Luke secrectly visits
the Sports Family house
and meets Jen
Vocabulary Chapter 17
-junk food
Luke learns many things:
1. Jen often goes shopping with her mother by hiding in the back of the car and using a forged shopping pass.
2. Jen searches for Luke's files on the governement's website and finds that he doesn't exist.
3. Jen has junk food but rarely any meat (junk food is illegal and the government is trying to get everyone to stop eating meat).
4. The government says that there's not enough food (hence the Population Law) but Jen and Luke know that it's not true.
5. Jen is planning a rally where all the Third kids will protest at the President's house.
Luke learns many things about the government from Jen (read Chap 17 summary). One thing that he realizes is that a lot of data contradicts each other.
Vocabulary Chap 18, 19
-famine (p 89)
-offend (p 90)
-annihilate (p 90)
-cautiously (p 90)
-have the nerve (p 91)
-loan (p 92)
-malnourished (p 92)
-drought (p 92)
-seize (p 92)
-genocide (p 93)
-extinct (p 93)
-hoard (p 93)
-propaganda (p 94)
-ponder (p 94)
-odds against... (p 95)
-astronomical (p 95)
-fake (p 97)
-timid (p 97)
-permanently (p 97)
-eventually (p 97)
-clench (p 98)
-whirl (p 98)
-grumpy (p 99)
Chap 18 - 20
Luke learns from Jen that it is impossible to bribe the Population Police. This is why even Jen, whose father works for the government, has to hide. Jen also feels that this is why it is important to have the rally... to get the rights of the third kids.
Jen tells Luke that the password for the third kids chat group is, 'FREE'.
Luke comes home with government books and other articles. He learns about the history that lead up to the Population Law and the reasons behind it. Jen tells him that the government is lying because there was always enough food; the Barons were always hoarding it.
Jen continues insisting that the rally is important and all the third kids will get official recognition.
Chap 21-23
Luke begins to visit Jen more often.
Luke learns the truth about the government from reading articles given to him by Jen
Jen is planning a rally to protest the treatment of third kids.
The day of the rally approaches
Luke's father receives a letter that he is not allowed to grow plants in the house (hydroponics). One day when Luke goes to Jen's house he learns about how the Barons live their secret lives: They have 'third kids schools', they have pets, and they all eat junk food. He also found that she is preparing the final things for the rally. She has chatted with all the third kids and persuaded them to meet at the Presidents House at 6:00 in the morning. Luke tries to warn her but she is too convinced that having the rally is the right thing. Jen is shocked when Luke tells her that he is not going to come. Jen no longer wants to talk to or see Luke. Luke goes home and becomes sick.
Vocabulary Chap 24
doze off
Luke tried to persuade Jen not to go to the rally.
Jen plans to demand her rights as a Third Child at the rally.
Luke's father dozed off while watching TV.
Jen climbed the narrow staircase to Luke's room in the attic.
Luke keeps telling Jen that she is insane for breaking the law.
Jen was delighted when Luke came over to her house before the rally.
Luke tried to stall Jen as much as possible before the rally.
Luke chomped on the potato chips and slurped up all the soda.
Luke could not visualize his life as a free person.
Jen kept harping on about going to the rally.
1. Write a book report on a section of "Among the Hidden."
2. Write an essay making connections
between Pecos Bill and Luke.
3. If you were a cowboy or cowgirl, what would you be doing all day; morning to night?
These writings are 1 page each. You must use your own words and only your words!
Each writing is worth +5 Behavior points as well as added marks for your grades. For each, get details from Mr. Khan before starting.
4. Write an essay that compares and contrasts Luke and Jen
Study Corner
Summary Corner
1. The author doesn't specify the setting for Among the Hidden. Where do you think it takes place? When do you think it takes place?
(Hint: Inferences)

2. Luke's family is terrified of the government. Why? What are some of the methods the government uses to make ordinary families feel powerless?

3. Explore Luke's relationships with his brothers and his parents. How close are they? How trusting? Does Luke have more in common with Jen than with his own family? Why or why not?

4. The Internet made it possible for Jen and, later, Luke to connect with other hidden third children. It helped them build a community of peers. How do you use the Internet to connect with people who share interests with you?

5. What do you like about friendships formed over the Internet? What do you dislike?

6. Why did Jen organize the march on the president's house? Was she being noble? Was she being foolish? Luke decides not to follow her. What would you have done?

7. Jen is a third child, but her stepfather is a member of the Population Police, the organization fervent about discovering people like her and bringing them to a harsh justice. Discuss his character. Is he a hero, a villain, or both? What do you think and why?

Questions to Ponder
1. What would happen to your family if third children were illegal? Would you have been born? Would your parents or your grandparents? How many relatives would have to be taken off if there were no third children?

2. Among the Hidden is fiction. But the most populous country in the world, China, actually does have laws that strictly limit family size. Find out more about China's effort to reduce its population. How are the laws enforced? How successful have they been? Are these laws popular or unpopular among the people?

3. The government in Among the Hidden is totalitarian. The government of Turkey is democratic. How do these forms of government differ from one another? What are a citizen's rights and freedoms in a democracy? How are they preserved and protected? How are they threatened? Could what happened in Among the Hidden happen in Turkey?

4. You are the chief propaganda officer of the Population Police. Create a poster or billboard reminding ordinary citizens that third children are against the law.
Chapter 24
Luke doesn't see Jen for a few days and starts worrying if she has gone to the rally. One night when his family is asleep she shows up in his attic and tells him that she is sorry for trying to persuade him to go to the rally. She says a final 'goodbye' and leaves.
Vocabulary Chap 25
desperate situation
The killer scrubbed the floor of any hints of blood.
She fervently believes that Galatasaray is the best team.
He obsessively worries about the future.
The situation became desperate when the plane ran out of fuel.
The deranged man started shooting in the market.
He avoids cigarettes because his mother died of throat cancer.
Not knowing where her son was, she paced the room for hours.
He fidgeted everytime he heard the sound of the dentist's drill.
To rub hard in order to clean.
Having great emotion for something.
Compulsively, uncontrollably
A critical or very bad situation or condition.
Insane, crazy.
To stay away from.
To walk back and forth. OR; The speed of something
To behave or move nervously.
Chapter 25
The next morning Luke wakes up knowing the rally has already taken place. He turns on the radio at every opportunity and listens to the news. There is no announcement of any rally. This makes him even more worried since he doesn't know where Jen is. Days pass with no sign of Jen. Finally he asks his mother to visit the Talbot's house but she declines. The chapter ends with Luke coming up with a plan.
Chapter 26
After several days not hearing anything from Jen, he decides to go over to her house. He breaks in through the window and searches through all the bedrooms. When he doesn't find her, he gets on the computer to chat with the other Third kids. No one is found on the computer either. Suddenly, a man's voice behind says, "Turn around slowly. I have a gun. Who are you and why are you here?"
Chapter 27-28
Luke realizes that the man is Jen's father. He tells her that Jen was killed with all the other Third kids in the protests. In their grief, they talk about Jen's personality and about how life was difficult for Third kids. Finally, Jen's father tells Luke that he works for the Population Police but he sabotages their work because he doesn't agree with their methods. They also talk about General Sherwood and how the famines made people desperate, and about how the government went from being democratic to totalitarian. He tells Luke that he can give him a fake ID so that he can run away and start a new life. At that moment the Population Police show up at the house and start banging on the door.
Study Questions (Rising Action and Climax)
1. What are some of the things that Luke learns from Jen?
2. What are some things that Jen can do that Luke cannot do?
3. Why does Jen want to have a rally?
4. What major events center around Jen's computer throughout the book?
5. What are some of the things the Barons have in their secret lives?
6. What happens to Jen?
7. What reasons does Luke give for not going to the rally?
8. What do we learn about Jen's father?
9. What is the story of General Sherwood?
Study Questions (Falling Action and Resolution)
1. What happens to Luke at the end of the story?
2. How does the story end?
3. Who is the real Lee Grant?
4. Who is General Sherwood?
5. What happens in the last chapter?
Extra Credit
3. How could it benefit your subject?
2. How does Prezi benefit you?
Connect with students
Less work
Proof and support
Accessible; transportable
Are you cool?
1. PowerPoint vs Prezi
'sign up'
fill form and tick box
log in
start new prezi
start tutorial or play around

English department: Make
a Prezi for your next class!
entering text (setting size)
entering images
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framing (why frame)
setting path

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