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Claudia Gonzalez

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Kindergarten

One way is to modify our currriculum and activities to fit the individual needs of children with learning dissabilities, and diverse learning styles. Encouraging smaller groups of children with similar learning abilities, providing choices, and allowing children to manipulate items to make concrete connnections to what they are learning.
Our Curriculum...
Classroom environment...
Is the place is which children can learn at their own pace, feel welcome and secure. It provides special corners for dramatic play, art, literacy, science, music, dance, and hands on activities.
Our goal is aso to provide an inclusive environment that offers children the support and enocourament they need when they struggle with a physical or learning dissability. One way is by providing accesibility to necessary materials, wheelchairs, and arrangement of class furniture and equipment.
How do our children learn...
Learning takes place in our engaging, nurturing and stimulating environment that provides many opportunities for children to practice new skills, promote thinking, and self explore.
Growing together...
Encourages five year olds to use materials to explore and make observations. Our curriculum uses methods by which children will master the skills and abilities that are developmentally appropriate to their age; such as speaking, writing, drawing, and using numbers.
Five year olds...
Kindergarten children have more physical control, are self-confident, demonstrate a desire to learn, seek to collaborate and work cooperatively with teachers and peers. They are also extremely active, and need frequent indoor/outdoor physical experiences.
Our hands on activities are also design to encourage play aim at teaching fine motor development, vocabulary, social behavior, and academic skills and concepts; by stimulating comprehension, making meaningful connections to different topics, and encouraging many open ended questions.
By Claudia V. Gonzalez
ECE 205: Introduction to Child Development

January 27, 2014
Instructor: Brigit Fowler
Kindergarten Classroom
A team approach...
We work together to address specific learning disabilities following an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP), providing continous support, customizing learning environments, optimizing access to tools and assistive technologies.
let's learn
"Diverse Learning"
Why we play!
Children need many opportunities to learn new skills and grow in an environment that is inclusive and fit their individual needs, and the same time challenges them to learn. We welcome all children to join us as we grow together....
Developmental profiles: Pre-birth through adolescence
National Center on Universal Learning
National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)
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