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Continental and Oceanic Landforms

No description

Ali Strickland

on 12 September 2011

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Transcript of Continental and Oceanic Landforms

& Landforms Continental Oceanic Mountain Range a series of connected mountains that rise above surrounding land Mid-Ocean Ridge underwater volcanic mountains that divide the ocean floor in two parts Volcano a mountain that may erupt and release hot liquid, or lava, along with ash and gas from the top Seamount a volcanic, underwater mountain, not on the mid-ocean ridge Plains wide, flat, or low sections of the Earth Ocean Basin mostly flat hills and low plains on either side of the mid-ocean ridge Valley a long, narrow area of land between mountains or hills, typically with a river running along the bottom Rift Zone a narrow trench in the center of the highest part of the mid-ocean ridge where volcanic activity occurs Canyon a rocky valley with steep sides; often a stream can be found flowing along the bottom Trench steep-sided canyons and deep, narrow valleys in the bottom of the ocean Continental Shelf the part of the continent that is under water from the shore into the ocean the width varies around the edges of the continent very shallow in some places, and very deep in others Continental Slope the steep slope where the continental shelf drops to the bottom of the ocean floor
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