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New Hire Orientation v.2

No description

Heather Seybold

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of New Hire Orientation v.2

Dress Code
Please Take Out The Following Items...
[Before We Begin]
Kids also get to pick a

out of the treasure chest at the end of their meal!
the answer is
Contact your
General Manager
Complaint Procedures
Tracy Morgan | Director of Human Resources
now what is the question?
On time is late
Shirts tucked in, purses/coats put away [please leave valuables at home]
Q-time begins at scheduled in-time
Speak directly to a manager when calling
Schedule is posted no later than
for the following
Please do not check your schedule while on the clock
All scheduling and availability concerns are directed towards your scheduling manager
On-line scheduling system
Smart phone App available
Hot Schedules will be used for
[requests off, shift swap, shift release/pick-up]
All of the above must be approved by a manager
When you receive your information from your manager, please visit
to personalize your account
Include email address and phone number
Hot Schedules
Bi-weekly Payroll
Direct Deposit or Pay cards are required effective 1-1-2014.
Pay cards can be purchased for a one-time fee of $2.00 and will be issued to employee promptly.
Lost or stolen checks need to be reported ASAP and will be charged a $12 stop fee.
Want access to your paystubs on your smartphone or online? E-mail tmorgan@scottysbrewhouse.com and ask for your activation code.
Begins on your first day of training [all staff gets a 40% discount &one guest will also get a 40% discount when they dine with you!]
Trainers will receive one comped entree on a training day
Dine-In Sunday- Thursday
Carryout everyday
Employee Discounts
Chemical Dependency Policy |
no drinking/substance abuse before or during your shift
Not allowed to sit directly at the bar
Must change out of your uniform prior to drinking after a shift
2 drink maximum for employees
Employee Beverage Program
| $3 per pay period
(BOH and Hosts)
Employee Beverage Program
| only 1cent per pay period and $3.50 monthly. This is collected monthly during your server checkout procedure.
(Servers and Bartenders)
Drinking Policies
[Refer to the
Orientation Cheat Sheet
Hair must be worn up if shoulder length or longer
Scotty's or 3WM shirt [shirt must be tucked in]
Clean, well-stocked apron [servers only]
Jeans must be worn, blue in color
Females can wear shorts, capri's or skirts
Males can wear khaki shorts bought through the company during patio season
Black Belt
Socks and undergarments are required
Shoes Option #1 | "Chuck Taylor" style tennis shoes [low-top, black canvas with white sole, toe and laces]
Shoes Option #2 || All Black Tennis Shoes [no specific brand] with black laces [no accent colors]
Dress Code
Dress Code
Hair must be pulled back with a hairnet or SBH or 3WM hat
SBH or 3WM shirt
Gloves must be worn when handling food
Jeans, khakis or chef pants must be worn
Socks and undergarments are required
Completely closed tennis shoes or slip resistant shoes
Please arrive dressed for work
No outside food into the restaurant
Employee Lockers
Do not bring valuables!
Bring your own lock
Lock items, out of sight, in your vehicle
The Helping House Fund is committed to caring for those throughout the Scotty's family who have hit a major bump in life's road
From an illness in the family to crazy Mother Nature
As little as $1 per paycheck
Helping House Fund
Your Name
Emergency Contact
Phone Number
Relationship to you
Medical Conditions
Any other information you think we need to know in case of an emergency
Emergency Contact Information
Complete This Form
Only employees will be added
Important Store Updates
Communication Forum
Scott will email you with a link to the group or you can search for [Scotty's Employee FB Group] and request to join!
Employee Facebook Page
No 4square check-ins at your store
No twitter or facebook updates while on the clock
Social Media Policy
Be responsible & remember that our customers read what you say
[You represent Scotty's now]
Use social media to get people out to our restaurants before your shift!
["I am working @ Scotty's Brewhouse Downtown tonight, come sit in my section!"]
90% of our customers use Facebook, Twitter and Yelp
[They give us constant feedback, so be aware that they will talk about the positive or negative things you did during their service]
Be nice. |
| Be polite. Remember your manners. Say: Please, Thank You, I'm Sorry. |
Open doors for people. Pull chairs out for people. Smile and laugh.
| Put things back where you found them. Clean up your own mess. |
Don't take things that aren't yours . Don't hit. Play Fair.
| Flush. Wash your hands. |
Milk, cookies & Dill Chips are good for you.
| Learn, think, work & play, every day. |
When someone falls, help them up. At work. In life. In your own world.
| Give one person a compliment every. single. day. |
Be passionate about something. Make a difference. Leave a mark.
| Trying and making a mistake is better than not trying at all. |
Learn from your mistakes. Don't make the same one twice.
| Help someone cross the street. Especially when no one is looking. |
Every 90 days, do some kind of charity work: donate time, mind & soul.
| Hold hands & stick together. We are a team and family. United.
Scotty's Vision [Your Vision]
"I will act in a way that will make my __________ proud."

Zero Tolerance
Sexual Orientation
a Pots + Pans Production prohibits all forms of harassment, including:
Shadow Shifts
Final Exam
Final Serve
Safety + Sanitation Training
Hands on Training
2 Forms Of ID
[As indicated on Form I9]
Money Order, Liquor License, ATC Certificate
Minor Work Permit
Call & inform a manager immediately if you are sick
It is your responsibility to get your shift covered
Please bring in a doctor's note to your next shift
Servers + Hosts | Option #1
Hair must be worn up if shoulder length or longer
Black Tunic Length Tank Top [not brand specific; tank must go to the tip of the thumb when hands are at your side]
White Tunic Length Tank Top [underneath + optional]
Black Full Length Leggings [no "accent" colors or logos]
Shoes Option #1 | "Chuck Taylor" style tennis shoes [low-top, black canvas with white sole, toe and laces]
Shoes Option #2 || All Black Tennis Shoes [no specific brand] with black laces [no accent colors]
White Socks
Scotty's Hat [optional, server + host only]
Servers, Bartenders + Hosts | Female Option Only
Dress Code
Bartenders [Male + Female]
Hair must be worn up if shoulder length or longer
Male | Black dress pants [no jeans], black shoes [closed toe + heel] + black laces, black socks, black belt, black button down long sleeve dress shirt or short black short sleeve dressy shirt [no Polo's], shirt tucked in, optional: black undershirt
Female | Black dress pants [no jeans] or skirt. Black shoes [closed toe + heel] + black laces, black socks, black belt, black dressy top, tucked in.
BOH [Male + Female]


Employee Orientation
Welcome to the team!

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