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Problem Solving Approach

No description

Ethan Lim

on 12 June 2011

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Transcript of Problem Solving Approach

Problems? HEl A Little Introduction Team Members:
(Intro & Problem Definition)
Tze Chong
Zheng Xin
(Analogy Methodology)
(Divide And Conquer)
(Analysis) Lets' Start with A Problematic Surgeon John A Story of and when he woke up..... John was wasted!! One Night... Three Main Problems 2. Sick Patient 1. Get to Work 3. Girlfriend's Birthday 3. Divide & Conquer When ? ER ER Paravaa Illa!!! Means-End Analysis PURPOSE Identify Our Methodology Solution Analogy What is analogy problem solving? Use of experience Modification Unfortunately, a patient was diagnosed with..... a cancerous growth John remembered a Story Creative Unorthodox Critical Evaluation Are these methods that good? Weakness Opportunities Strengths Threats Why SWOT? W eakness Analogy O pportunities Analogy T W pportunities O hreats T Means-End Analysis Means-End Analysis eakness W pportunities O hreats T Divide &
Conquer Divide Conquer & Divide &
Conquer Starting Point Known Point Destination Outcome Mini-goals Current State Means Refining SWOT SWAT Analysis C.O.M.M - R When do we use ? eakness Means-End Analysis S trengths Divide &
Conquer Analogy Means-End Analysis SWORD No How to make an analogy? An obstacle which hinders the achievement of a particular goal.
It exists when an individual becomes aware of a significant difference between what actually is and what is desired. Problem What does your situation remind you of? What other areas of life/work experience similar situations? Who does similar things but not in your area of expertise? Examples Running a business is like managing a theatre productuion Changing a tyre is like putting your shoes on This packaging is like an egg Steps 1. Make an analogy A Little deeper inside a ‘problem’ 2. Use the analogy as a stimulus For the previous examples:

1. A theatre production is split into two halves. Do we need to split our sales team into two sections: pre-sales and after-sales?

2. You re-tie your shoelaces when you feel they are loose. Can we incorporate a sensor in the car wheel which will alert the driver if a wheel is loose?

3. The chick in the egg slowly drains the white of the egg as it grows. Can we have a device on the packaging that visually shows how long before its sell-by-date by changing colour with time? Not Lost!! Using analogy as a stimulus to get ideas Bukan Masalah!!! pas de problème hreats Analogy 沒問題 沒問題 沒問題 Lets return to the story... Activity Time!!! Q & A Thank You
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