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Hunter and Gatherers

No description

Rosa Phương

on 29 September 2012

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Transcript of Hunter and Gatherers

Rosa Hunter vs. Gatherer - Early humans were hunter-gatherers
- Hunter-gatherers were nomads—people who moved from place to place
- hunted animals, gathered plants for food
- moved to a new location when food ran out
- Moved to new, distant lands while following animals to hunt - Hunting and gathering culture, also called foraging culture, any group of people that depends on wild foods
- Their strategies have been very diverse, depending the local environment, hunting or trapping smaller animals, and gathering wild plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, and seeds.
- Most hunters and gatherers combine a variety of these strategies in order to ensure a balanced diet. Where both hunting and gathering are practiced, adult men usually hunt larger game women and their children and grandchildren collect stationary foods such as plants, shellfish, and insects; - The hunter-gatherer people of 10,000 BC used stone, wood, and bone for their weapons.
- People wore clothing made from animal skins, which they sewed together using bone needles. They had mastered the use of cords from plant materials to aid them in making their clothes as well as for making baskets.
- Their weaponry included bows and arrows, and harpoons. The coastal peoples ventured some distance out to sea in small boats made from reeds.
- Around 15,000 BC, they had already domesticated one species of animal, that’s the dog.
- Some societies of 10,000 BC already had distinctive styles of art Technology. There were no kings or chiefs in such societies, and, because people ate what their own small group gathered or killed, no one was richer or poorer than their neighbours Leadership The ancient hunter gatherers lived in small groups, normally of about ten or twelve adults plus children. They were regularly on the move, searching for nuts, berries and other plants and following the wild animals which the males hunted for meat. Family Group What's Hunter- Gatherers ? Culture. That's all about Hunter - Gatherers
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