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No description

Jiahua Xu

on 8 June 2013

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Transcript of Communication

Crew a Picture Directed by Juncheng Meng Writing credits Elizabeth Leung Jenny Zhu Film editing by Justine Dong Cinematography by Java Hsu cdonald's Advertising in
ulti-Cultural Contexts Campaigns – How to make use of festivals? Japan Multiple elements: In which country can this advertisement be seen? Lovely Some features of the culture Music & Dancing: African’s most important hobbies

Exploding: Outgoing, extrovert

Expression: Just enjoy today, so let’s go to McDonald’s

Black skin Three layer of cultures The outer layer: explicit products The middle layer: norms and values The core Taboos in communication (of advertising) with African The most basic value people strive for is to survive (fight with nature).
A specific culture is nothing more that the way in which groups have organized themselves to solve the problems and challenges presented to them (1) Avoid religious and tribal features

(2) Negro and Black

(3) Glaring

(4) Weak handshake

(5) Using left hand to greet Slogan:
Come as you are McEurope: McDonald in Europe “Venez comme vous êtes” is A McDonald’s Communication Campaign in France. Message to deliver: McDonald’s image In McDonald, Be yourself (without any pretense) Why does McDonald’s use the slogan “Venez comme vous êtes” in France? Liberté, égalité, fraternité (French for "Liberty, equality, fraternity (brotherhood)") National Motto of France: Open to anyone Communication Objective what’s your nationality
what you do
how old you are
whether you love men or women To all the people no matter McDonald is always the right place for you to be yourself. Other effort in localization Baguette McBaguette Some clues for the guess Street dance, surfing, enjoy oneself ,out of box, changes everywhere Expression: I’m lovin’ it. Exploding:
Simple but direct. Hard sell. What is the characteristics of US Cultures? Uncertainty Avoidance Long-term/Short-term oriented Power Distance Individualism/Collectivism Masculinity/Femininity
They value individualism, equality, willing to try new things, use direct hard sell. high "God helps those who help themselve" --Jefferson low high equality low willing to try new things medium similar with China short-term hard sell / very direct Taboos in communication (of advertising) with Americans Do say “Hi” or “Hello” when first meet, even to strangers Do not forget to greet children. Americans treat children equal to adults Do make a tight grip when shaking hands, and have eye contact Do make an appointment before visit someone, and do prepare a small gift when visit a friend
Polygamy, abortion, pedophilia, incest, race, religion, and suicide
personal income, assets etc private information, women’s marital status, age, price of clothe etc private matter.
Do not smoke in front of the others without consent.
Do not start to eat until the hostess starts or ask to start a meal.
Do not make chewing sound when dinning.
Do not take food for others. Conversation: Taboo topic Manners Universal Values - Power
- Achievement
- Hedonism
- Stimulation
- Self-direction - Universalism
- Benevolence
- Tradition
- Conformity
- Security - Hedonism Cultural Universal Language and cognition Society Myth, ritual and aesthetics Technology Language

Abstraction in speech and thought

Antonyms, synonyms

Logical notions of "and," "not," "opposite," "equivalent," "part/whole," "general/particular"

Binary cognitive distinctions

Color terms: black, white

Classification of: age, behavioral propensities, body parts, colors, fauna, flora, inner states, kin, sex, space, tools, weather conditions

Continua (ordering as cognitive pattern) Discrepancies between speech, thought, and action

Figurative speech, metaphors

Symbolism, symbolic speech

Synesthetic metaphors

Tabooed utterances

Special speech for special occasions

Prestige from proficient use of language


Units of time * The golden arches are the most recognized symbol in the world. The restaurant provides food for people in 119 countries, especially the USA. There are even 179 restaurants in India where most people don't eat either beef or pork.
And the company is still growing. There's 76 countries left to colonize. Is there anything more universal than McDonald's? No. Magical thinking

Use of magic to increase life and win love

Beliefs about death

Beliefs about disease

Beliefs about fortune and misfortune


Attempts to control weather

Dream interpretation

Beliefs and narratives


Poetry/rhetorics Healing practices, medicine

Childbirth customs

Rites of passage

Music, rhythm, dance


Toys, playthings

Death rituals, mourning


Body adornment

Hairstyles * Jingle A short tune used in advertising and for other commercial uses. Ad buyers use jingles in radio and television commercials; they can also be used in non-advertising contexts to establish or maintain a brand image. Jingles are a form of sound branding.
The I'm Lovin' It slogan was launched in 2003 with vocals by US pop megastar Justin Timberlake and has been translated into more than 20 languages. Most Africans have religious faith

Eating by their hands

Carrying by their head Summary The creation of an international advertising strategy which focuses on understanding the culture is necessary in order to be successful. Thank you A country loves syuunou (put something in certain place for storage) A country where people’s life are highly permeated by the Internet and residents love sharing their life with others Assumption about existence Agenda Universal values applied in McAds Localization applied in McAds Introduction Two main components in McAds Summary When designing ads in different cultural contexts,
we need to 1. Identify the universal values —— universal ads 2. Identify the difference of cultures —— localized ads Know the culture: outlayers, habits, cores
know how people behave, esp. their taboos
design the ads catering to the characteristics Q&A Importance of season & get-together
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