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Paramed-Personal Experience


Scott Bailey

on 24 August 2012

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Transcript of Paramed-Personal Experience

Welcome to Paramedical Biology Objective SWBAT become acquainted with the subject of paramedical biology by utilizing past experiences Paperwork Syllabus
Paramedical Biology Acknowledgement
needs to be signed and returned
Lab Safety Contract
needs to be signed and returned
Technology Use Why did you take this course?

What do you expect to learn in this class? Drill: Personal Experience Take a few moments, think about a situation that you (or someone you know) experienced that required immediate medical attention

Think About:
how the incident occurred
the problem that you were facing
how you reacted
How those around you reacted SHARE WITH THE CLASS Now, take a few monentsthe care that was provided for you (or the person) in this incident.

Think About:
the person providing the care
the treatment
the actions and demeanor of the individual Personal Experience : Part 2 SHARE WITH THE CLASS What to Expect!! Assignment #1 EMS TIMELINE ACTIVITY With a partner, attempt to place the various developments in order

*You do not need to copy the list
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