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lugirthan jude remigius

on 14 October 2011

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Hanging people was the most
popular way because it was a quick
and easy way and it left them
with a clean body. 63% of the
world population use hanging
as there number one execution
method. But it could leave you
hanging like this-------------> Another popular way of
execution is by shooting.
this method is mostly used
in america. the victim gets
shot at by some police men.
They usually use handguns
for this
Some countrys dont have
execution like England
and france. The countrys
for the most executions
are Africa, India and the USA. OR My opinion I belive that death penalty is
wrong becauseit is taking
away a life. If there was a
murderer that killed
some one taking away the
murder's life is a sin. If
there was no death penalty's
i think the crime
rates will drop. OTHER PEOPLES OPINIONS! It is right beacuse the have to pay for there crime. I think it is wrong to take away a life Murderer's are never good, KILL EM!!! If the murder stays in jail he might learn a lesson, if he dies what lesson will he learn?
One of the ten commandments are don't murder. why not follow it. DIE MURDERERS! SHOULD DEATH PENALTY BE ALLOWED
ways of execution hanging shooting gas chamber lethal injection electricution buried alive poisoning not very pleasent so in the end most people think death penalty is... thx for watching is it...
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