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The Alchemist Map

A map of Santiago's journey throughout the book "The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho.

Christopher Polack

on 22 August 2010

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Transcript of The Alchemist Map

Abandoned Church Tarifa Tangier Al-Fayoum Pyramids Spain Africa Santiago took a Boat Across Strait of
Gibraltar to get to... In Tangier, all of Santiago's money was stolen by a thief To get money, Santiago worked at a Crystal Shop for a year Santiago took a Caravan across the
desert to get to... Santiago met
the Alchemist He also met a woman
named Fatima Santiago's Journey

The Alchemist Santiago Found
His Treasure Santiago rode horses
with the Alchemist to: The Monastery First he gave Santiago some gold Santiago rode by himself to the... Santiago learned many things from his sheep He thought that he had probably adapted to their schedules, and not the other way around
In a way the sheep represented people
The sheep just live to survive- they follow others Santiago came across
a Fortune Teller The Fortune Teller only told Santiago things he already knew The Fortune Teller took his money
in return for no new knowledge
Santiago met the Old King The Old King Told Santiago
to always Follow his Dream Some men found Santiago
and stole all of his gold Santiago now knew where his treasure was... The Treasure was in the Abandoned Church
under the Sycamore Tree all along Santiago still gave some of his treasure
to the Fortune Teller like he had promised -Oasis -of Egypt One man told Santiago about his recurring dream The man's dream takes place in Spain! All the Way back in (A Treasure chest full of coins) Santiago fell in love with this woman However he learned to recognize that his love could
wait; his destiny/dream was most important Santiago traveled across
the Spanish plains... With his flock of sheep to: The Town of: Santiago told himself he
should never trust Gypsies He Gave Santiago two stones to
help recognize omens (Urim & Thummim) Santiago learned to be very careful of the people he trusted He learned many lessons while working at the Crystal Shop: Not all people realize their dreams in the same way
He should still continue to focus on his dream
The Alchemist told Santiago to travel the rest of the way to the pyramids alone Santiago wanted to stop searching for his treasure, buy sheep, and return to Spain with his newly earned money However, when he remembered the old King, he decided to continue towards his dream THe Alchemist helped Santiago truly
understand the universal language Santiago found a Scarab Beetle,
which is an omen of good luck (Spain) Andalusia In the end Santiago
found his treasure,
and all of the months (even years) of hard work and effort he put in to reach his dream finally paid off At the HI H Santiago met an Englishman in the Caravan The Englishman was trying to
become an alchemist The Englishman was mostly searching for the Philosopher's stone (Turns any metal into gold) He used the Philosopher's
Stone to make that gold He Also taught Santiago about
the Soul of the World The Old King told Santiago a story about drops of oil The key to happiness is to enjoy life as much as possible but always remember the
important things too (your responsibilities) The story starts in: With a young Shepherd named Santiago She also tried to be very vague to Santiago (Literally) The End Created By:
Chris Polack (Morocco)
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