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The structure of DNA

No description

Harvey Buckle

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of The structure of DNA

To both know and demonstrate our understanding of how DNA is structured
To make 'our own' DNA
Interesting facts
The structure of DNA
Each strand of DNA is made of chemicals called bases. Do not confuse these with the bases you meet when you study acids and alkalis in chemistry. There are four different types of bases, shown as A, T, C and G in the diagram.

How do we end up looking different?
Each gene in a molecule of DNA contains:

A different sequence of bases
Codes for a particular protein

Proteins are made in the cytoplasm of a cell, not in the nucleus. Genes cannot leave the nucleus, so a copy of the gene is needed. This copy is able to leave the nucleus to go into the cytoplasm so that proteins can be made by the cell.
Double helix
In DNA, two strands coil together to form a double helix. There are chemical cross-links between the two strands, formed by pairs of bases.
The structure of DNA
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