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Ziyad Kassem 5/6 dingo

Rohl Dahl Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

guildford public

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Ziyad Kassem 5/6 dingo

By : Ziyad Kassem Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Connection To Me Charlie And The Chocolate Factory reminds me of when
the character Mike T.V loves to play Video games which
I do too. This Movie makes me think of when the brand Wonka came out with a chocolate bar called Wonka Connection To World Connection to Another Text I I remember reading other Rohl Dahl books and seeing the crazy characters that he puts in his books such as in James and The Giant Peach wwhen he has two nasty aunties and human sized sized insects sized ! THE END By : Ziyad Kassem
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