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Student Onboarding

For the Leadership Team to use during presentations

Public EngagementNL

on 17 July 2012

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Transcript of Student Onboarding

Creating A Province Of Choice:
A Youth Retention and Attraction Strategy Developing the Strategy Summer 2008
-19 Member Youth Advisory Panel
-Canadian Policy Research Networks Launch of the Strategy November 5th, 2009
College of the North Atlantic
St. John’s Big Highlights $15 M in new money invested! 3 Year Timeline
2009/2010 – 2011/2012 484 Participants Engaged YOUTH ENGAGEMENT POSITIONING & PROMOTING NL EDUCATION EMPLOYMENT AND JOB CREATION QUALITY OF LIFE AND ACCESS TO REGIONAL SERVICES CULTURE AND DIVERSITY LABRADOR INCENTIVES TO STAY OR RETURN Webpage www.youth.gov.nl.ca Facebook www.facebook.com/yrasnl Contact Us Youth Retention and Attraction Strategy youth@gov.nl.ca 709.729.1167 Youth Web Portal Supporting financial literacy and planning resources Marketing and Awareness Campaign Passport to Safety Young Entrepreneurs and Innovators Program Youth Leadership Scholarships Grants for Leadership Development Expanded Apprenticeship Supports Graduate Employment Program ANVIL ExportAdvantage Internship International Graduate Retention Incentive Feasible approaches to financial and other incentives Experience Labrador 41 Initiatives 8 Policy Directions Innovative Grants for Business Fall 2008
-13 Deliberative Dialogue Sessions
-484 Youth
-1 Youth Summit
-160 Youth Winter 2009
-Focused Partneship Engagement
-22 Written Submissions
-19 Face-to-Face Meetings
-870 Responses to Survey Sheldon Antle Remzi Cej
Caitlin Bock Rhonda Tulk-Lane
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