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Advertisements With Logical Fallacies

No description

George Johnson

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Advertisements With Logical Fallacies

Advertisements With Logical Fallacies
Toyota Prius Commercial
Taco Bell Commercial
By: Aubrey, George, Jessica
Friskies Cat Food Commercial
Doritos Commercial
Logical Fallacy used in Prius Commercial:
Hasty Generalization
: The attitude associated with driving a Prius is sissy or unmanly. Yet it can out perform cop cars = better.
All people watching the superbowl and are looking to purchase a new car.
To be humorous, address the common misconception associated with driving a Prius, and draw attention to the new Prius's capabilities and features.
Hyundai Commercial
Logical Fallacies Used in Taco Bell Commercial:
Hyundai uses the logical fallacy of appeal to authority. They use Kevin Hart as a concerned father to show how useful the Car Finder on the Hyundai Genesis is if you want to track and protect your daughter while she's out on a date. The commercial does not mention however if the Car Finder will work in rural areas where reception is unreliable or the fact that he could have just tracked her phone instead.
Ad Populum
: This commercial portrays the new Quesalupa as popular. This popularity "Bigger than life" mentality is the basis for their argument.
Bandwagon Appeal
: Because everyone else thinks the new Quesalupa is so great you should go try it too!
Testimonial/Appeal to Authority
: "Bigger than James Harden's beard." Then endorsed by James Harden. Also endorsed by Bryan Wilson.
1.Hasty Generalization:
The man didn't say anything about the cat because he was being bribed with Doritos. This is to show that Doritos can be used as a motive of bribery.

2.Slippery Slope:
The boy was tempting the Grandma and the baby with Doritos and that ended up with him having none. This is to show that Doritos are tempting enough to go to an extent to get them.
Ad Populum
: The commercial portrays the new Prius as popular around the globe using this to make it's point
The audience of this commercial is everyone, the whole general public. People who consume fast food especially, even centered towards today's youth.
The purpose of this commercial is to promote a new menu option at the ever so popular Taco Bell. To promote people to buy the new Quesalupas the next time they are at a taco bell franchise location.
Purpose: To convince the audience that having a Car Finder option can be extremely useful.
Audience: Parents and people who have the tendency forget where their car is.

Purpose: To convince the audience that Doritos are good enough to bribe someone with and, that they are tempting enough to do out-of-the-ordinary things for them.

Audience: People in general who like to eat good food.
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