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No description

Libby Morgan

on 17 April 2014

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Transcript of biome

biome project
Libby,Betsaida, Samantha
deciduous forest
Guelder rose
Perfers to grow at low attitude and in semi shade in s Scotland and England. It's native to the woodlands of the European deciduous forest.
Northern Arrowod
these plants have bark green oval deciduous laves which grow oppsite each other on the stem . the tips of the leaves and bottoms are rounded or heartshapes . The leaves are about four inches and three inches across.
White Oak
This tree can grow from 80 feet to 100 feet. The trunk can spread from 50 feet to 80 feet.The oak tree grows up right and it's bark is a whitish, gray color.

Bald Egales
The bald egale is a fears looking bird. It's name in lattin means. The sea egale a white head. It is the national symbol of the United states of Amarica.
coyote can live almost anywhere .Now they live in north America and central America . Thier fur is grayish tan .They can weight up to15 to 44 lbs.

Least Weasel
Deep in the woods of the North East Asian Deciduous forest raoms the least weasel. It's small and a carnivore in the world.
european red squirell
It perfurs to live in the forest. Sometimes it lives in gardens and parks. It lives in the European. It ha very strong teeth. It also has 4 toes.
White tailed deer
It,s tail is white and is body is a grsyish color . It has circles around its eyes and a white band behind its nose.
bald egale
least weasel
European red squrriel
White tailed deer
guelder rose
nporthen arowwood
White oak
The deciduous forest, or temerate forest biome. The latitutude range is anywhere from 28 north to 38 degrees south.
food chain
omnivores eat carnivore and herbavores. carnivores eat meat. herbavores eat plants. Also omnivores eat everything. producers make thair own food. consumers get their food from other animals.
human inference
People pollute and destroy the deciduous forest by making smoke , cutting down trees ,and killing animals . Because of this many animals have died , or have gotten bad dieses, and have been ingered .Many of the plants have died . We need to keep clean air and water in this biome. It's absoullutey nessisary. We can stop cutting down trees ,and making smoke, and ingering animals.
Human interference
thank you for watching our presintation
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